Long Hair After 40?

So many of you have written and asked that age old question, “Can I still wear long hair when I am over 40?”, that I thought we should chat about it.

Long Hair After 40

Glam Gals say, “yes!” to long hair, as long as you keep it groomed!

My take on long hair: I’m not against ladies wearing long hair, but I don’t think I can just make it a blanket statement. Here are some guidelines  I’d suggest:

Long hair looks great if:

  • You have super healthy hair
  • You have the right face shape for long hair (oval or long)
  • You keep it trimmed up regularly and don’t let it go too long

Long hair is “iffy” when:

  • You hair is too thin
  • You wear it with those “puffy” bangs or “wings”
  • You wear it down to your waist
  • You end up wearing up in a bun all the time or using clips to hold it back.
  • If you have super thick hair, beware it can really drag your face down and be aging if you wear it too long! (but don’t cut too short either)

Here is one of my readers, Julie Srhir (age 51). She is an excellent example of someone who is wearing long hair and rocking it!!

One more note…

Long hair is a very “romantic”, soft look. If you are working in a corporate environment or one that is very competitive, you might consider a shorter style or keeping it pulled back for those times when you want to look more professional. Check out some of these makeovers on long hair.

Too see more examples of  great hair ideas, check out Christopher Hopkins book, Staging Your Comeback!

If you have a question about your long hair, send us  your photo or comment below!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. My wife is 56, has past waist-length hair parted in the middle, and it looks fantastic. Frankly, I think that 90% of women look their best with longer hair. Ever see a woman whom you haven’t seen in a while who has grown her hair out? It’s an indescribable treat for a guy to see. LOL

  2. I will not succumb to that age old thing about when you are older, you should have shorter hair. As long as your hair is healthy and styled, let it flow! I also beg to differ that women who are under 5 feet tall shouldn’t have longer hair! Short hair just makes you look shorter or at least that’s what happened to me when I cut it and never did that again!

  3. I think I agree with Debbbie, that beauty is about sex appeal. When my hair is longer I definitely feel sexier. Maybe there can be some more pictures posted of women over 40 (and 50, 60) with long(er) hair.

  4. Debbbie says:

    Long hair on an older woman is a personal choice.. Times have changed and there are many more older woman who have not thrown in the towel and look fabulous in long hair. In my opinion when a woman cuts her hair into a shorter style many times she cuts her sex appeal. And actually, beauty is all about sex appeal.

  5. Terri Kasel says:

    I agree with you so much on this. I also think that women who are really short (5′ and under) shouldn’t wear long hair — it’s makes them look like teen-agers, definitely not the look you want if you’re starting out your career (in your 20s) or if you’re a mature adult.

  6. I know some women that love long hair and will never cut it, except for trimming the ends. I agree with all of the tips here. I absolutely detest the short curly hair that most hair dressers give older women. It makes a woman look older, and they probably do it just because it is simple to style. Why is going to the hair salon once a week low maintenance?

  7. delta waters says:

    My mom was always opinionated about this…she thought every woman over ” a certain age” should cut their hair short. I totally disagree. some women can also rock grey hair.

    • Hi Delta,
      Yes, I agree with you about grey hair too…I did a post about that a while ago. It can look great if you have a current cut and keep it in good shape. Most grey hair still requires maintenance!