How to Wear Purple Orchid

radiant orchid

A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine gave me an elegant purple orchid as a gift, and ever since, I have been hooked not only on the flower but the exquisite color. Orchid is a gorgeous pink-tinged purple that is vibrant, youthful, and fresh. It’s a color I could gaze at forever because of its deep, calming spiritual quality.

orchid purple top


This year, Orchid is one of the top ten colors for Spring and Summer 2021. I’m seeing many versions of this color ranging from light to deep purple shades. I like to wear this true orchid color in all its boldness. It’s a little on the warm side, so it complements my golden spring coloring, although I find it looks lovely on most everyone.

If you’d like to test drive this color, but you are not sure how to add it to your wardrobe, here are five ways to wear Orchid:

1. Combine Orchid with Neutral Colors

If you are not used to brights, you may find radiant orchids a little intense. In this case, all you need to do to choose one statement piece in Orchid and crank it down a notch by pairing an orchid top with a neutral bottom. For example, desert sand and gray are two trendy neutrals this spring that pair well with Orchid to create a fresh, new combo. Purple Orchid also pairs well with navy and black and looks crisp and heading turning worn with white.

how to wear radiant purple


2. Wear an Orchid Print

A pretty blouse or top that incorporates some of this color within the print is an excellent way to work Orchid purple into your wardrobe. Depending on the size of the print and the pattern you can control just how much of this color you want to wear.


3. Go Monochromatic

A chic, bold way to embrace this trend is to wear Orchid head-to-toe. Don’t try to match each piece, since it is near impossible to do anyway, plus it will make your outfit look boring. Instead, wear slightly different shades of Orchid in varying textures to give your outfit some energy and life.

4. Add Orchid Accessories

My mom is 81 and has a bright Orchid Coach bag. Everywhere she goes, she is known as the lady with the gorgeous purple purse! All you need is one statement piece in Orchid to look current and hip. Dump your boring black bag and have a little fun! Or, try Orchid shoes, earrings, or a scarf. A classic piece in a modern color like an orchid always looks stylish and chic.

5. Try an Orchid Coat

Need a new spring coat and/or denim jacket? What about a purple Orchid one? a colorful trend is fresh and way more eyecatching than taupe or black. This color has energy. Energy is youthful.


Will you be wearing an Orchid this spring? Send me a photo, and I’ll post it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Wear Purple Orchid

  1. Hi Deborah, I love this color too, especially in the darker hues. The dress example you gave, would that be dressy enough to wear to my daughter’s graduation? Also, are the skinny leg trousers a good option for working in an office setting? I’m learning so much from your website :)

    1. Hi Debbie, yes that dress would be lovely for a graduation.
      The skinny leg trousers definitely work for a casual work environment. If you wanted to dress it up, a jacket adds instant polish and authority.
      So glad you are enjoying the site. Please send in any suggestions for stories you would like me to cover. Cheers!

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