Two Cute, Comfy Outfits I Wear to Walk My Dog

Hi Deborah,

I have a dog and spend much time walking him around the neighborhood. What can I wear besides trainers and old tees? I’m in my late 40s and don’t want to look sloppy. Thanks! Linda V. ~

Hi Linda, Good question. Let me start by showing what I wear, and then we can devise a recipe.

Here’s me and my dog Bella. It’s October, and I’m wearing a sweater, jeans, and this cute zip-up vest in Ontario. On my feet, I’m wearing flats and black suede booties.


Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40 wearing pink puffer coat walking her dog

It’s been a year since we got our puppy Bella, and of course, although she is my daughter’s dog, mommy has become the primary caregiver (sound familiar?) Bella has had it pretty easy: sleeping, playing, and eating, but I thought she got out more regularly for a walk.

pink puffer coat with fleece lining worn by Deborah Boland walking her dog

I don’t like the cold, but walking Bella has become much more pleasant since I picked up this fun Nike puffer coat from eBay. I call it my Legally Blonde jacket because it’s so wildly pink.

Deborah Boland holding her Malit-poo dog wearing a pink Nike puffer coat with blue fleece lining |Fabulous After 40

I love this coat. It’s excellent quality, really warm, but also very lightweight. I hadn’t considered buying it on eBay before because I thought it only sold pre-owned clothes. But I discovered eBay is so much more.

Deborah Boland on park bench with her dog wearing Hot pink Nike Puffer Jacket


Blue fleece vest worn by Deborah Boland Fabulous After 40 while walking her dog

What I like about it is the fleece lining that you can pull out of the coat and wear as a vest in the spring. Very handy.

Blue and Pink Nike fleece vest with white turtleneck sweater worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40


dog walking outfit

These outfits work for me!

Here is a style recipe you can use as a guideline for a good dog walking outfit:

  • Tall, Flat Boots or short booties are Stylish – The first thing in your style recipe in the fall should be a good pair of tall boots. Tennis shoes are great if you are going on long hikes, but if you are going around the block and want to look nice, a pair of boots will certainly “up” your style factor! You never know who you might encounter, so why not look fashionable? Short flat booties are also an excellent option.
  • Jeans or Leggings – Make sure they have stretch built in.
  • Crazy for color! Anytime you wear color up by your face, it will put you in a good mood. Just try it and see!
  • Surprise yourself; try a scarf! If you are one of those gals who own a few scarves but never wears them…Then I encourage you to get them out and start wrapping yourself up in one ASAP!
  • Coat or vest – casual and comfy. Is your dog-walking outerwear looking shabby and outdated? It might be time for an update! Find something warm but interesting. Texture and color are exciting, or if it’s too warm, why not wear a vest as I have here?

It doesn’t take much to look like a top dog when you are walking your pup. Follow these tips to feel stylish and comfy!


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6 thoughts on “Two Cute, Comfy Outfits I Wear to Walk My Dog

  1. Hi Deborah: I remember this post from a few years ago & was wondering if you could run a 2020 update with some ideas for warm weather dog walking! I feel like I wear the same outfits over & over & it would be nice to have some fresh casual ideas. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, I don’t know if you have a dog, but this outfit is unrealistic! You have to walk an average dog at least three times a day. Makes a total of approx. 1 – 2 hours. It would help if you had comfortable shoes for this, not stylish boots. And what about cleaning these boots? They need to be waterproof, too.

    Nice jeans and a nice coat look, yes, nice for about 5 minutes. Then your dog or several other dogs are messing around, jumping at you; they are wet and dirty… So the jeans and coat need to be cleaned after every walk. Three times a day, seven days a week. You can calculate how many nice outfits you would need.

    So if I walk the dog, I put on my “dog” clothes and shoes, they may be a little dirty, but yes, that is how you look if you have a dog. And I don’t expect other dog owners to look perfectly dressy when they walk the dog. No one needs to look sloppy, nice fitting jeans, nice fitting coat – but this coat needs to be practical, weather-sturdy – and not chick and unrealistic as the one pictured by you above.

    Dogs don’t want stylish owners who walk them on the street looking like in magazines. They want an owner who walks with them through the forests, grass, and dirt – and has fun.

    1. Hi Mila,
      I hear what you are saying, but it is easy to fall into a rut of sloppy sweats, worn-out sneakers, and messy grooming when you are walking your dog, and after a while, that becomes a habit that makes you not feel good about yourself. If you have a “walking the dog uniform” you can always throw on, it makes it easy to look nice when you stop chatting with other dog owners. If you are taking your pet out for an excellent solid romp in a muddy place, then tennis shoes you can muck up are appropriate.

      1. Hi, I’m revisiting this topic with a twist: what to wear to the dog park in summer! Many dog owners spend hours per week visiting dog parks and participating in dog meetups. Summer 2016 is almost upon us, and I’m so tired of wearing workout outfits and sneakers to the dog park; besides, it’s getting too warm for black tights. But, I don’t want to get too much sun nor wear shorts or short-sleeved tops, so what else is there for casual? Dog parks often have dusty dirt surfacing, so sandals are out. Shoes must be comfy as owners stand around for up to two hours. I’ve been thinking about short cotton capris with an elbow-sleeve tunic, tee, or dress over and Sketcher-type slip-on shoes with athletic bottoms, but not feeling it for over 40. Help! Please, please, please do a feature on this specific topic! I appreciate any help you can provide.

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