Pointers On Wearing Purple this Fall

Purple adds drama to even the most average outfit, creating excitement and immediate impact. Would you wear purple?  Could you wear purple? What message does it send?

Pointers on wearing purple this Fall |ultra violet purple paint chips beside woman wearing a purple hat | Fabulous After 40

What Purple Symbolizes

Purple has long been known as the color of royalty and is associated with wealth and leadership. It’s also a color associated with spirituality and magic. The positive psychological power of purple is that it is intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative.

red plus blue equals purple

What Colors Make up Purple

When you break purple down, it is actually a mix of red and blue – warm and cool,  feminine and masculine. You can find purple in dozens of shades, from lavender to ultraviolet, indigo to plum, eggplant,  and deep royal purple. There really is a shade for everyone!  Pick a more yellow-based, warmer purple if your skin has yellow undertones, or if your skin is more on the pink side, choose a deep, cool purple or a dark plum.

When to Wear Purple

Purple is a color that works year-round. Traditionally we’ve worn deep, intense purples in the fall and lighter, softer purples in the spring and summer, but now that division has been thrown out the window. This fall, we see all shades of purple, from pastel purple to pink infused orchid purple , to deep, cool purple, all being mixed together with traditional fall shades.

Purple is striking for formal events when you really want to be noticed. It’s also commanding at work as an alternative to black. Purple is lively worn casually with your favorite jeans or as athletic wear. The only time you don’t want to wear purple is to a funeral in Thailand. There, it is considered a color of mourning and is reserved for the spouse of the deceased!

purple and pink dress

Purple + Pink is a feminine, alluring combo.

What Colors to Wear With Purple

All purple: If you want to be noticed, then head to toe purple is the way to go. For example, a long purple Mother of the Bride Gown would be stunning. Varying shades of purple worn together in a monochromatic outfit is also very sophisticated. Imagine shades of ultraviolet mixed with lavender or cool purple with warm plum. These combinations would be stunning.

Purple  Dark Neutrals: If you like the idea of purple but want to tone things down a bit, consider purple worn with navy or black. Something as simple as your blue jeans with a purple blouse looks quiet but powerful.

Pointers on Wearing Purple This Fall -Purple - Blouse and jeans outfit styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland


Purple + Light Neutrals: Purple worn with nude accessories is ultra-elegant and a good way to ease into purple if you are not used to wearing it. Light purple or lavender worn with white will make you look soft and romantic. Deep purple and white had a whole lot more contrast and will make you look bold and dramatic.

Pointers on Wearing Purple This Fall | Purple dress and nude accessories outfit styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland


Purple Worn with Brights: Purple can be paired with opposite brights like yellow and red, hot pink. These are combinations that creative types love. For example, try wearing a splash of purple with bold red, such as a purple pump with a red blouse and your favorite jeans. This one takes a little confidence to pull off, so start small.

Pointers on Wearing Purple This Fall | Purple suede shoes and red blouse and jeans styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland


Purple with Metallics: Both silver and gold look stunning with purple. Gold look classy and old world (think of a queen’s purple robe edged in gold), while silver looks icy, expensive, and modern.

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2 thoughts on “Pointers On Wearing Purple this Fall

  1. I love the color purple. You can wear purple to work, church and everything in between. Purple looks good on all skin types no matter your style size age. You can find purple to wear that suits your lifestyle is age appropriate and fits your budget. I have purple wrap dress from Walmart that was part of the Miss Tina collection. Miss Tina is when Beyonce’s mom had her collection at Wal-Mart. I got online on 2011. That dress still looks good in 2018. I also got a beautiful purple dress with flowers that I got at a store in 2015 on sale. The dress is gorgeous I haven’t worn it yet. I have suede purple blazer and pants. I have shirts in different colors of purple. Purple is color of royalty. I love purple with hot pink or fuschia. Purple looks good year round. You can wear purple to funerals weddings birthday party. Ladies next time you have event instead getting little black dress. Try a purple dress.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!! My favorite color I’ve worn since I was a rockin’ teen in the 1960s! All shades of puprle look ‘fab’ with my salt and pepper hair,ivory complexion and hazel green eyes. Purple rocks for this granny!!

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