Are Capris In or Out of Style?

Hi Deborah,

I’m sorting out my closet, and I notice I have several capris in different widths and lengths. What I’d like to know is, Are Capris still in style? And if so, what should I wear them with to look updated? Thank you, Gabriela.

Hi Gabriela,

I’m so glad you asked this because many of my readers are also confused. There’s always been some negativity around capris, which makes one wonder if capris are out of style?  But the answer is, they’re still very much “in” – not in a cutting edge kind of way, but they are a steady summer wardrobe staple that many gals love.

To clarify, capris are casual summer pants that hit at around midcalf. They can be tapered, skinny, flared wide legs.  If they end just above the ankle, they’re considered cropped pants, not capris.

Many women don’t like capris because they visually chop up your legs and make you look frumpy and stumpy. They’re not ideal if you have heavy legs, and you need to be sure they don’t end at the thickest part of your leg. Just above or just below this point is best. Getting the right proportions is key.

Here’s a look at some popular styles of capris for summer 2021 and what to wear with them to look current and cute.

Capris - Coral


1. Straight-Leg Capris

Capris follow the same trends as jeans. Skinny jeans and skinny capris have ruled for a long time, and you can still wear them for sure, but straight leg and slim fit straight leg capris are most popular now.  These cute orange straight-leg capris are extra sporty with cute slits at the side. They look great paired with another hot trend – this romantic, flowy floral peasant blouse.  Add a pair of creamy Tory Burch slides , statement earrings and a mini leather crossbody, and you have a very chic way to dress up capris.




2.  Cropped Wide Leg Capris

Of all the capris styles out there right now, cropped wide-leg capris are the trendiest.  I like this classic white pair, which are fitted across the hips and then widen out to a breezy, loose leg. Most of the wide-leg capris we’re seeing are high-waisted; a high waist helps compensate for the shorter hem length and helps make you look taller.

Crop wide leg capris look adorable with a cropped, tucked, or floral front tie top like this one.  Add a cute bag, beaded earrings, and a fab pair of studded sandals ( capris were made for showing off fab shoes), and you have a smart summer look.

Capris - Cuffed Denim


3.  Classic Denim Capris

We always think we need to change styles to be current, but sometimes just making a slight tweak can update your look. For example, skinny denim capris are a classic style but add a new top with a cute boho vibe, and you get a fresh new feel. Did you know that a pair of fab shoes and a modern bag is the easiest way to refresh any outfit? These darling espadrille wedge sandals and classy white and chain handbag are a gorgeous way to uplevel a casual capris look.


Gabriela, I hope you’ve picked up a few good ideas for how to make Capris look fabulous this summer. In the end, it’s not so much about what is in or out, but how you feel in your Capris and owning the look this summer!

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9 thoughts on “Are Capris In or Out of Style?

  1. This article was so helpful as I love capris, tight or loose around the legs, it doesn’t matter.

  2. Are you sure you want that pair of highwaisted jean shorts in there? LOL. I think anyone over 40 should skip that look. You’d have to look pretty amazing to pull that off without it looking like you never stopped wearing them since the 70’s or 80’s. Heaven forbid they get paired with a crop top!

  3. I am 5’8″ with a long back, wide shoulders and hips with an inseam just a bit longer than off the rack. I look great in full, long pants, but not so much capris. I tend to slim and somewhat form-fitting capris as they tend to modify an almost boxy look. Then I wear long tops.

    1. Hi Linden, Anyone will look taller wearing a cropped (above the ankle) pant over a capri because capris pants break the leg line. However, that doesn’t mean a petite has to avoid capris. I would say if you want to wear a capris make sure it doesn’t end at a heavy point on your leg like the middle of your calf. ( That goes for everyone) Petites should wear short tops with capris to make them look longer and leaner. A bit of a heel helps too, and a neutral capris is better than a bright capris which will draw attention to your bottom half and short legs. I hope that helps and thanks for dropping by!

  4. Thank you for this informative article. It appeared just when I was trying to decide which length cropped pant was actually in style. Your information and pictures were so helpful! Thank You Deborah!

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