Are Capris In or Out of Style in 2024?

I’ve been writing this blog for many years, and the question I get asked every summer is: Are capris still in style?

To everyone’s surprise, the answer is yes!

In 2024, designers have leaned into Capris, and younger stars wearing them for the first time have sparked a new wave of interest in this classic style.

In our age group, there has always been some negativity around capris. Many women swear they’d never wear them.

However, I know there are many gals 40, 50, 60  40 who love capris because whenever I update this post, I have difficulty finding capris to link to because they’re always sold out!

Somebody is buying Capris!

What are Capris? How do they Differ from Cropped Pants?

Capris are lightweight, casual summer pants that are a shorter version of cropped pants. Whereas cropped pants end a few inches above the ankle( 2-4 fingers) , capris typically end somewhere below the knee to around mid-calf. Capris can be skinny, wide, tapered, straight, or flared—you name it.

I think Capris are popular with women our age because they’re like long shorts. They keep you cool, they feel sporty and they’re practical.

This year clean, unfussy capris with slim or straight legs are trending. I’ve seen a few wide-leg capris but hardly any cargo capris with busy details like multiple pockets, strings, zippers, etc.

Are Capris Flattering?

Capris have gotten a bad rap because they create a horizontal line across the widest part of your calf, chopping up the leg. This can make you look shorter, wider, and frumpy.

They are not a good choice if you have heavy calves, and you need to be sure they don’t end at the thickest part of your calves.  Capris are most flattering when they end just above or below the calf.  Finding this sweet spot is the key to looking good in capris.

Here are some trending capris and what to wear with them this summer.


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1. Denim Capris – Light Wash

Denim capris are classic and always in style, but the wash changes yearly. This summer, light-wash jeans and denim capris are hot.

Cuffed denim capris are also popular. When you combine these two trends, you get soft, beachy-looking pale blue cuffed capris.

The modern way to style light-wash denim is with a bold pop of color, like this cute orange front-tie top. Of course, you can always wear white with this light wash, too, and you’ll look fabulous. Chunky sports slides are relaxed and super comfy and look great with capris. The big buckle is very “in” at the moment.

I’ve paired this outfit with pretty pearl earrings and this chic cream Tory Burch bag with the cool, new shape. I love the laid-back, boho vibe of these light-wash capris. The whole look says summer vacation to me!


utility capris pants

Utility Capris  | ruffle sleeve tee (similar)

2. Utility Capris

Utility capris are casual, like cargo pants, but more refined. They’re not as loose or baggy, and they have fewer pockets, strings, and other details that can make cargo pants look bulky. For example, Sanctuary cargo capris have just two pockets at the top. You don’t see any on the legs or at the sides.

I like this Birch color, but these pants come in white, black, and burnt olive. All four colors look classy. Check them out!


orange capris

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3. Colored Capris

After a long, dark winter, it’s uplifting to wear something bright and cheery. Colored capris are always popular in summer.

This bright peach shade adds a feminine touch to sporty capris. These pants would be great to take on a cruise or to a tropical vacation spot. Imagine how cute you’d look in all your trip photos!

I love this delicate lace top and the pretty puff sleeves with the peach. White sneakers and creamy accessories make the peach capris pop.



black side button capris

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4 . Pull on Capris – Snap Hem

Comfort has become increasingly important, and as a result, pull-on pants are selling like hotcakes. I’m not talking about your grandma’s stretch pants!

These fabulous black capris prove an elastic waistband pull-on style can be chic. There are no zippers or buttons on these, and the flat, smooth front makes them perfect for wearing with a thin, silky top. You don’t have to worry about anything showing through.

The metal snaps near the hem add a dressy touch, making the capris easy to slip on and off.


side lace capris

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5. Lace Up Capris

Here’s something a little different. These capris have a cute, sporty detail.  Can you see what it is?…. The pants have lace-up sides, which makes them look nautical.

This silky, split-neck top in bright pink looks fantastic with white capris. Add a print bag and some textured earrings; you will look great. So you see, capris can look classy.


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6. Cargo Capris

Cargo pants are still popular and will always have their place. They’re casual and relaxed, similar to jogger pants.

This light green pair looks great, teamed with this pretty fitted print top. To elevate this casual outfit, add a beautiful bag, espadrille sandals, and some cute earrings.

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Don’t Ditch Your Capris Just Yet!

So you see, Gabriela, capris are still here – some classic and some new styles. Ultimately, it’s not much about what is in or out of fashion. Wear what works for your lifestyle and what makes you feel good.  Enjoy your capris and own the look!

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9 thoughts on “Are Capris In or Out of Style in 2024?

  1. I am 5’8″ with a long back, broad shoulders, and hips with an inseam just a bit longer than off the rack. I look great in full, long pants, but not so much capris. I tend to slim and somewhat form-fitting capris as they tend to modify an almost boxy look. Then I wear long tops.

    1. Hi Linden, Anyone will look taller wearing cropped (above the ankle) pants over a Capri because capris pants break the leg line. However, that doesn’t mean a petite has to avoid capris. If you want to wear capris, ensure it doesn’t end at a heavy point on your leg, like the middle of your calf. ( That goes for everyone) Petites should wear short tops with capris to look longer and leaner. A bit of a heel helps, too, and neutral capris are better than bright capris, which will draw attention to your bottom half and short legs. I hope that helps, and thanks for dropping by!

      1. I only wear crop pants. As a petite woman with short legs, I don’t need to make myself look shorter. I look at pictures of me wearing capris with long tops and think, what was I thinking? Reading various fashion blogs, this is the only one with positive thinking on capris.

  2. Thank you for this informative article. It appeared when I was trying to decide which length cropped pant was in style. Your information and pictures were so helpful! Thank You, Deborah!

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