How to Style a Tweed Moto Jacket

Hi Ladies! Today I want to show you how a cute tweed moto jacket can be just what you need to create a wow outfit from an everyday sweater and pair of jeans.

Tweed moto jacket by Deborah Boland

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This is my new cropped tweed moto jacket. That’s right; not all moto jackets are leather or denim. Sometimes you come across something like this, a moto jacket with a classic check print made from traditional tweed fabric.    

black tweed moto jacket Deborah Boland

It’s that cool mix of edgy biker style meets preppy plaid that makes this black and white tweed jacket so modern and youthful.

Black and white tweed jacket Deborah Boland

This simple style recipe starts with a pair of dark wash jeans. I always go for a dark wash because they’re so much more elegant than faded. Then you add a bright sweater (I chose red, but Fuschia would have been stunning too). Finally, top it off with this darling plaid tweed jacket.  Boom!

Black, white tweed moto jacket Deborah Boland

I always like to pop my collar a bit. It’s a small thing to do, but boy does it make a big difference. The turned-up collar frames your face and gives your outfit a sporty, energetic look. And don’t we want energetic, because energetic is youthful!

black plaid moto jacket Deborah Boland

I wear a lot of skinny jeans, but with a tweed biker jacket like this one (or the blue plaid jacket I wore in the fall ), I think bootcut flare jeans are dressier and so much more figure-flattering, too. I like the way the flare balances with the wide shoulder the jacket creates, giving me more of an hourglass figure.

Plaid jacket red top Deborah Boland

It was freezing cold the day I shot this outfit, but I took off my jacket and threw it over my shoulders to show you how a little thing like this can make you look so chic.

plaid tweed jacket with jeans Deborah Boland

I’m wearing my favorite booties, the ones with the gold heel, that I wore with my purple blazer a while back. If you are going to wear flare jeans, please don’t wear flats. You will look like you stubby and like you are drowning in your flares. You need a heel to show off the shape of the jeans and make your legs go on for miles. These gold-heeled Michael Kors booties add a touch of glam!

Black tweed moto jacket, jeans Deborah Boland

Do you like this look? This is one of the best tweed jackets I’ve seen in a while! I’ve posted all the links above, and I’ve also linked some similar jackets below because I’m seeing this style of jacket everywhere. Black and white go with everything, and it’s the perfect jacket to take you into spring. Let me know if you get one, and please send me a photo of how you style it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Style a Tweed Moto Jacket

  1. You always look fabulous, and it seems you have so many fancy places to go! My life is more mundane – Walmart, Target, church, or a friend’s for tea. So jeans are my go-to, but I occasionally try to dress them up.

    1. Hi Charles, it’s an illusion! LOL! I lead a pretty quiet life at home, working from my computer in jeans or leggings. You see me when I get dressed to go to a conference or shoot an outfit. However, I am making a significant effort to get out more this year because I find that when you have a specific event, buying clothes is much easier and much more fun. I like dressing up. It feels good. Even a cute jacket like this makes a big difference with a pair of jeans. A jacket adds structure to an outfit and kicks it up a notch! Thanks for stopping and saying hello! Cheers, Deborah

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