Blanket Ponchos Add Rustic, Relaxed Vibe

I love the drama of a cape, but I don’t always want something so structured and formal, especially on weekends.

blanket poncho

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with blanket ponchos. Here’s a look at one I’ve been wearing lately, and some other similar blanket ponchos that will wrap you up in style.


blanket poncho jeans

If you have never worn a blanket poncho, you are in for a treat. They’re warm and cozy like a real blanket but feel much lighter and comfy than a coat. They have a kind of Southwest or Mexican-inspired vibe that reminds you of the sun, the sand, and desert landscapes.


blanket poncho close up

Just throw one on with a pair of jeans and a top and you’re ready for a beautiful fall walk or just a bit of shopping. See how soft mine looks and you can beat those stunning sunset colors.

sweatshirt jeans poncho

I’ve paired my blanket poncho with a dusty rose lace-up sweatshirt that goes perfectly with the laid-back weekend vibe. Booties look super cute with a wrap like this, (suede works well with the rustic look and feel), and a bit of a heel always helps to make your poncho flow as you walk.

blanket poncho pink lace up sweatshirt

The nice thing about a blanket poncho is that it’s a great layering piece. If things heat up, just pull it off and drape it over your bag, or roll it up and tuck it away. Blanket ponchos are generally pretty light and they’re great for traveling, especially when you are on a plane! It’s your blanket away from home!


blanket poncho pink top

Here’s my blanket poncho in all its glory. This particular one is sold out, but here’s the link to some very similar blanket ponchos. And here too. Have you ever worn a blanket poncho?

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2 thoughts on “Blanket Ponchos Add Rustic, Relaxed Vibe

  1. I have a gray, brown, rust, and black blanket poncho. Living in Florida, so I don’t wear it often, but it’s great for traveling to more incredible places. It is multifunctional; I can use it as a blanket to sit on and wear… it…..It pairs nicely with boots or flats…

  2. I like blanket capes, but they can be a pain to keep looking good when shopping. You eliminate one hand by needing to carry a handbag because they are not conducive to shoulder or cross-body bags. It would help if you had the other hand to keep it together. So I bought some shawl pins to hold them together. It frees up a hand, at least.

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