What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi Deborah,

Thanksgiving is coming up fast. What should I wear to Thanksgiving dinner?  We are having a very small, low-key dinner with my sister and her family, but I still want to look fashionable and pulled together. Can you give me some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner outfits that are casual, stylish, and comfy? Thanks, Sue

Hi Sue,

Even though your Thanksgiving dinner will be small and understated this year, it’s nice to hear you want to celebrate in style. Life is too short to be frumpy! This Thanksgiving, seize the holiday spirit by saying no to sloppy sweatpants and boring slump-around-clothes. Try these suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner outfits that are casual and classy.

1. A Sparkly Top

A low-key celebration doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Sweaters are always comfy, so why not wear one with some personality?

A sparkly top is always so festive this time of the year. This glamorous, brown glittery top with the front tie is stretchy and comfy. It’s perfect for a casual dinner when worn with a pair of jeans or black pants.

Add some sleek suede booties and some fun, dangly earrings, and let’s get the party started. This also comes in a beautiful wine color and can double as a holiday top at Christmas time!

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Can You Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or Beyond?

Hi Deborah,
I’m 54, and I wear skinny jeans but would like to try wearing leggings. Am I too old? Can you wear them year-round……
Confused in Cleveland

Hi Confused,

The short answer is, you’re never too old for leggings but, you’ll want to style them in a way that makes you look sophisticated, not silly. If you read my post on leggings vs. skinny jeans, you know that the main difference between the two is that leggings are not pants.  They’re lighter, thinner, and much more revealing, so it’s best to wear them with a long top.  You can wear them all year round. In the summer, some women prefer legging capris. Here are a few examples of leggings outfits you’ll love.

1. Leggings +  A Long Shirt or Blouse


black sheer button down blouse

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The older I get, the more comfort matters. I’m not willing to settle for anything that doesn’t feel 100% soft and good on my body, which is why I’m a fan of leggings. But over 40, or 50, you’ll look best so long as you go the sophisticated route.

Here’s a basic style recipe for leggings that is classy and casual. Take a black pair of leggings and wear them with a gorgeous, silky blouse like this black roll tab tunic. Add some faux leather leggings, leopard print mules, and a tan crossbody bag, and you’ve got a great weekend look. Continue reading “Can You Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or Beyond?”


Colorblock Cashmere Wrap For Fall!

Looking ahead to fall, I’m ready with a chic new wrap that is going to keep me warm and cozy.

fall wrap

I’ve written a lot about wraps and ponchos because they come in so darn handy. I’m always a bit chilly, so whether I’m going out to a restaurant, to some kind of seminar in a highly air-conditioned meeting room, to the movies, on an airplane, or anywhere that it could possibly feel cold, I bring a wrap, just in case! Continue reading “Colorblock Cashmere Wrap For Fall!”


5 Fall Ponchos to Jazz Up Your Jeans

An easy way to take your jeans from average to awesome is to throw on a cozy poncho. Fall ponchos make perfect toppers when the weather is up and down, and it feels too warm for a coat.

From rustic blanket ponchos trimmed in fringe, to elegant, knit ponchos with clean, modern lines, ponchos add a touch of drama to any casual jeans outfit.   Here’s a look at 3 fall ponchos in stores right now and how to style them in a casual, modern way.

Fall ponchos to jazz up Your Jeans | camel poncho with jeans and booties styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland

1. Hooded Poncho

Here’s a poncho that adds a lot of pizzazz to a pair of basic black jeans. I am in love with the big flowy feel of this classy, wool camel poncho that would be a dream to wear. The graceful shawl collar gives it an exquisite look, and the beautiful hood makes me think that if this poncho was in red, it is exactly what I can imagine Little Red Riding Hood Wearing. In other words, it’s a classic!

A cream bag and booties pick up on the cream turtleneck and pull it all together.

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2 Ways to Look Slim in Leggings

Slimming leggings are your friend when you want to look tall, and you know how to style them. Today I’m excited to be partnering with Red Coral Fashion to show you how!

Slimming Leggings - Black leggings, black top pink wrap | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40Whoever said leggings were frumpy wasn’t wearing them right. This gorgeous spring outfit proves that leggings can be an elegant, slimming, and classy addition to your wardrobe. Let’s break down this fabulous look. Continue reading “2 Ways to Look Slim in Leggings”


What to Wear With Burgundy Leggings: Outfit Idea

I collect black leggings the way some women collect white shirts. I have dozens, and I wear them all the time. But recently I came across a pair of gorgeous burgundy leggings which have lit up my wardrobe. Take a look at how I wear them with this cute poncho.

Burgundy Leggings Oufit | Deborah Boland , Fabulous After 40

Burgundy leggings are a rare find, and this time of year they are just what you need to look classy and to put you in the holiday mood. This pair from Ann Taylor has loads of style. They’re stretchy knit pants that feel light and comfy, but they’re sturdy and a decent thickness, more like pants than leggings. Continue reading “What to Wear With Burgundy Leggings: Outfit Idea”


Swing Into Fall In a Classic Cable Knit Poncho

It took a long time this year up here in Toronto, but finally, the leaves have turned to gold, and red and Autumn have arrived in all its glory. It’s that time of year when I love throwing on a cute fall poncho and getting out to enjoy the beauty of nature.

cream cableknit poncho

Luckily I came across this fab find! It’s a darling cowl neck style poncho with the prettiest cable knit pattern. Continue reading “Swing Into Fall In a Classic Cable Knit Poncho”


Burgundy: How to Wear Fall’s Richest Color

Today on my series: The Fab Fall Countdown – 31 Days to a More Stylish Chic You…

If you’re on a mission to appear a little more sophisticated and upper class, then Burgundy is for you.

Burgundy fall clothing

Fall’s most popular color, officially nicknamed Tawny Port by Pantone, is rich and mature and has an aristocratic vibe. Wear it head to toe mixing up textures along the way to keep it from looking too flat and matchy. Or, try it with another one of fall’s most celebrated hues.

Here’s a look at some striking burgundy color combinations for fall. Continue reading “Burgundy: How to Wear Fall’s Richest Color”


Capes – Runway to Reality

From earthy ponchos to short preppy capes, and long sweeping evening cloaks, capes are everywhere this season.  They’re easy for tall skinny models to wear, but how can the average midlife gal wear a cape without looking swallowed up or twice her size?

Here’s how these 40+ Instagrammers take capes from the runway to reality.

taupe cape fur trim


Anette, a 49-year-old German fashion blogger, pairs a glam, fur- trimmed knit cape with edgy moto booties. By matching the color of her boots to her pants, she maximizes her height which always helps when you are wearing a cape. Continue reading “Capes – Runway to Reality”


7 Fabulous Fall Accessories To Uplevel Any Outfit

If accessories are the exclamation point in a woman’s outfit, then this fall’s accessories will make crafting your fashion statement a whole lot of fun! Here are 5 fabulous fall accessory trends to uplevel any outfit.

1. Chunky Chains

Not since Mr. T has there been so many gold chains… everywhere, this fall, you’ll find chunky gold chains layered around the neck, your wrists, across your body like a harness, and hanging from your ears! Chain earrings feel the newest to me and range from dainty, long, single strand chains to bold, interlocking layers of loops. I think these are going to be super popular – expect a chain reaction!

2. Matching Masks

Well, it’s no surprise that utilitarian medical masks have morphed into something much more fashionable and chic. Matching masks to compliment your outfit are the new normal, and they are a great way to express your personality. Also coming up pretty mask chains. Much like eyeglass chains, so you never lose your mask.

3. Opera Gloves

No one is going to the opera or theatre anytime soon, but we can pretend like we are with glamorous, operatic gloves that are trending big this fall. Long slinky gloves that come up to your elbows give an outfit a gorgeous, glam feel. Leather is popular, but cozy knitted ones are the most practical.  Can’t wait to see how these pans out.

4. Cool Combat Boots

With everyone comparing the pandemic to war, it’s no wonder there’s an uptick in fashionable combat boots.  Chunky platform combat boots with thick lug soles and lots of lace-up are the coolest thing to stomp around in this fall.  Wear them with leggings or skinny jeans, or pair them with a feminine dress to contrast the military vibe.

5.  Handy Jewelry

I have no idea where this one came from, but hands down, it’s a good one.-LOL!  Jewelry and accessories such as belts and shoes with metal hand detail are the newest thing. They’re interesting to look at and make great conversation pieces, and I’m told they symbolize protection. With everything going on in the world, how fitting for right now!

6. Skinny Sunnies

Giant Jackie O sunglasses have always been chic, but now the smaller and skinnier, the better. Slim sunglasses like narrow Catseye or sleek rectangular sunnies are the epitome of cool. Colored lenses are also trending and the combo of small, skinny and colored sunglasses are where it’s at.


7. Wide Belts

One has to wonder if Falls’ Victorian clothing trend is the inspiration behind wide belts.  Wide belts ( some almost corset-like) that carve out an hourglass shape, mainly on coats and flowy dresses, are everywhere this season. With wide belts come extra-large buckles that look so artistic you could call them waist jewelry. Get ready to suck in and cinch, ladies!

These are just a few of the fearless accessories for fall. To know what to wear them with, read my report on the Top Fall Trends for 2020!


4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

Whether you’re shopping, catching dinner and a movie, or entertaining friends at home here’s how to make your weekend plans a whole lot more stylish.



1. Look COZY this Weekend in a Big Chunky Knit

Weekends are when you want to feel relaxed, but still look stylish too. An easy way to dress up leggings or skinny jeans is to wear them with a big, chunky knit sweater. Blush combined with black is the color combo of the moment if you want to look chic. Add some tall riding boots, a great tote, and a silky scarf, and you’ve got a high-end equestrian look that is classy and casual. Anyone ready to go to the movies? Continue reading “4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend”


How to Wear a Pendant Necklace

So many times we throw on an outfit and we’re out the door when adding a simple accessory like a pair of earrings, a belt, a bracelet, a chic scarf or an interesting necklace would make all the difference in the world.purple poncho

Here’s an example. I bought this gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg poncho sweater and was so in love with the color that I thought that was all I needed.

But then I got thinking… “I wonder how that pendant I bought for my other outfit would look worn with this?”
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