True or False-Can the Mother of the Bride Wear Black?

You’ve finally found a Mother of the Bride dress you love. It’s stylish, fits perfectly, and makes you feel like a million. The only problem is, it’s black. Is a black dress appropriate? Can the Mother of the Bride wear black? Read on to find out.

At one time, wedding etiquette dictated that white and black were strictly off-limits to the Mother of the Bride. While white is still frowned upon, Black has become acceptable. Black is one of the most popular colors for a Mother of the Bride, so does this mean you can go out and buy one? Hold on because you need to consider a few essential things first.

black mother of the bride ruched dress

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1. What Does the Bride Think?

The bride is the most important person at the wedding, so what she thinks is everything. Some brides may feel that Black symbolizes death, disapproval of the marriage, or that it is just plain unlucky.

On the other hand, the bride might think Black is modern, chic, and the perfect choice. Whatever the case, it’s the bride’s call. She has the final say.

2. Does Black Suit the Wedding Theme?

The type of wedding, venue, and time of year are all things to consider when you are thinking about wearing a black Mother of the Bride Dress.

Picture a black MOB gown in the middle of summer at a casual wedding in the countryside. It would look out of place. But a black MOB gown at a formal wedding in the fall, at an elegant reception hall, is a beautiful match.


3. Does Your Black Dress Co-ordinate with the Wedding Party?

Most people assume that Black goes with everything, and that’s generally true when the other colors are the same intensity. However, if the bridal party is in very light, soft colors such as pastels and black can seem harsh and overpowering.

Keep this in mind, and discuss it with the bride. You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb in photos, and you don’t want to ruin the unique bridal color palette the bride has put so much work into creating.


black mother of the bride dress

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4. Is Your Dress Festive?

There are a million and one black dresses out there. Some look like they are made more for a funeral than a wedding. When choosing a black Mother of the Bride dress, go for something pretty, even glamorous. Some sparkle, shine, a bit of sheer black fabric, or feminine lace will elevate a black dress from serious to celebratory.

Mother of the Bride outfit-black sequin jacket and long velvet skirt

5. Are you Wearing Black for the Right Reasons?

Finally, just a check-in here as to why you want to wear black. If you are wearing black because it’s slimming, chic, formal to match the wedding, or it looks great on you, fine. But if you are using it to hide from everyone, and the color drains you, then think twice.

You deserve to look beautiful, and you can wear many other colors that are still elegant and low-key but give you some life.

Wearing Black as Mother of the Bride is a classy, modern choice, but ultimately, it’s not for you to decide. Be sure to discuss the possibility of a black MOB dress with the bride before you begin shopping so you don’t end up in a big black hole!

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  1. My daughter just got married on March 11. I wore a black dress, as did the groom’s mom and attendants. With bright flowers, it was stunning.

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