Cute Cargo Pant Outfits for Women Over 50

Cargo pants, popular in the ’90s, are back in 2024. The good news is they’re more wearable than ever, especially for women our age.  Here is a roundup of the latest styles and some cute, casual cargo pant outfits for women over 50!

utility pants banana republic

These are from Banana Republic ( last year) . Here is the 2024 version midrise and highrise. These are also similar but cropped.

What are Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants were first worn by the British military in 1938. The U.S. Army adopted them during WW2, and in the 80s, campers, and hikers started wearing these loose baggy pants with big utilitarian pockets.

In the 90s and 00s, they became the street style for skaters and hip-hoppers, and soon everyone was these trendy pants.  This spring, they are hotter than ever!

Can Women over 50 Wear Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants don’t have a time stamp and can look great at any age. But if you’re avoiding wearing them because you think they might be too street style or too loose and baggy to flatter your figure, don’t.  There are more elevated styles and a wider range of silhouettes to suit every body type. Here’s what’s new!

What’s New in Cargo Pants


super wide cargos | also here

Super Wide Cargos

Super wide and super popular! I love these elegant green cargo with the feminine bow at the waist.





Utility pants - Grey and Pink Cargo pants



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High-Waisted Cargo Pants

Low-waisted, baggy cargos ruled years ago, but waistlines have risen. Many new cargo pants cover your belly, making them more flattering, especially if you have a mommy’s tummy.





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Slim Cargo Pants

Cargo pants that are slim through the hips and thighs give a more elegant look, which is what many mature women are after. You’ll find straight-leg, slim cargo pants, joggers, and bootcut cargo pants like these above. I bought a pair of jogger-style, slim cargo pants last season, and I love the look and fit.


cropped cargos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  most popular!

Cropped Cargo Pants

Shorter, cropped cargo pants are trending.



teal cargo pants


NYDJ slim cargos & here

Minimalist Cargo Pants

Pared-down cargo pants are trending, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not one for many big flap pockets and dangly ties. The new cargo pants are more sleek and tailored, with less “stuff” hanging off them, which makes them more sophisticated.

lavender cargo pants women

lavender cargo pants

Colored Cargo Pants

Camo Cargo pants have been moved to the back burner, but brightly colored cargo pants add a fun vibe to fashion this spring.


silver slim cargo pants

metallic cargo pants

Elevated Fabrics

Twill and Denim cargo pants are still popular, but we also see cargo pants in more luxurious fabrics. You’ll find silky cargo pants, even satin ones for dressing up, often worn with sexy heels.

Oversized, Mega Pocket Cargo Pants

Bold, exaggerated silhouettes are at the opposite end of the trend. Think extra wide cargo pants with loose, slouchy waists and pant legs that bunch and drag on the ground or are tied up. Mega pockets make these dramatic pants look intentional and, therefore, stylish.

What would you wear with Cargo Pants?

Some of everyone’s favorite things to wear with cargo pants are

  • white tee
  • graphic tee
  • sleeveless tank top
  • vibrant color
  • stripes
  • animal print
  • cropped tops to go with high-waisted cargo pants
  • satin top or ruffled blouse. This is one of the more elegant ways to style cargo pants.

Types of Cargo Pants Outfits



pants | top | sandals | bag | earrings

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Feminine Cargo Pants Outfit

Yes, Cargos can be feminine when you add a flowy top with puffy sleeves in a feminine color like lilac. The body-hugging bootcut cargo pants in this outfit above also help give you a curvy hourglass shape. Tucking in is a good way to show off your waist, or if you are uncomfortable with that, try a half tuck.

Classy Cargo Pants Outfit

Tailored looks in neutral colors like tan and black or navy give a classy, traditional look that is always appropriate.

Sporty  Cargo Pants Outfit

Jogger-style cargos add energy and are a great starting point for an athletic-looking cargo pants outfit.

Slimming Cargo Pants Outfit

Look taller and slimmer in cargo pants by wearing all one color or tone- one tone. Choosing cargo pants with minimal detail also helps the eye from looking across and around instead of up and down, which makes you appear slimmer.

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What Shoes to Wear With Cargo Pants?

Sneakers: An obvious choice and comfy, too. White lace-up platform sneakers are trending this summer.

Sandals: Any low-heel sandal look is summery, casual, and appropriate with these casual pants.

Slides: A beautiful pair of slides with low to medium heels dresses up cargo pants and looks fabulous in the daytime. Try to find ones with a low-key vibe, like a braided pair, which are popular now.

Pumps – You can wear them if you dress up cargo with a gorgeous top. This is usually an eveningwear look since cargos are generally perceived as practical, and the sexy pointy-toe pumps make this a very alluring look.


Which of these cargo pant outfits for women over 50 did you like best?  The best cargo pants in stores right now are linked below each outfit. Be sure to check them out. A pair of cute cargo pants is a surefire way to look up-to-date this summer.

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  1. Any good ideas for pants with a 35 Inch inseam. I’m tall with long legs, not a long body and most tall pants fit with a crotch mid-thigh or regular pants hit above my ankle. B

  2. I love the slim, white, jogger-style cargo pants that you’re wearing in the first picture, but I can’t find the shopping link for it. Do you remember where you bought them?

    1. Hi Dawn, I got those last year at Banana Republic so they aren’t available anymore but I have linked some a bit similar. I will keep looking and as spring rolls in there should be more this style. I will post when I find!

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