A Cool, Classy Way to Wear Skinny Flare Jeans

Who wouldn’t love a pair of jeans that makes your body look shapely and slim, and your legs go on for miles?  Skinny flare jeans do just that, and they’re back this spring in a big way!  Leading the pack is  Veronica Beard, who I recently discovered makes a fantastic skinny flare jean. Have a look at mine and the cool, classy way I styled them.

Dior bag worn with Yellow jacket, sweater and womesn skinny flare jeans

A few weeks ago, I attended the rewardStyle conference, an invitation-only blogging conference for top-tier performers. This conference is always a big deal in that you want to look really good in a room filled with a couple of hundred much younger bloggers!

In past years, during the day, I’ve worn dresses to meetings and seminars. This time, I wanted something more casual, but still very chic, and came across these fabulous high-rise skinny flare jeans. 

yellow jacket dior purse flare jeans

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Deciding how to style these jeans was easy. As soon as I saw this stunning yellow jacket, I knew it was the look I was after, and the cute gray and yellow cotton sweater fit right in. That’s because both of these pieces are also from Veronica Beard.  I mixed and matched them to create this outfit.

Now, I know the fashion world is always telling us we shouldn’t wear one designer head to toe, and that we need to mix things up to look stylish. Wearing one designer is not supposed to be cool because it shows “a lack of imagination,” but sometimes that’s just silly! These beautiful pieces, along with others I saw in the Veronica Beard collection, were all made to work together, so why not wear them as an entire outfit if you love them, and they look darn good on you!

LOL! – I really think we need to get over some of these rigid style rules. When you look good, you feel good, and that’s all that matters!

Whether you like this exact outfit or something similar in a different color, my basic style recipe for looking classy in skinny flare jeans is as follows: Quality Skinny Flare Jeans with Wide Hem +  Gorgeous Jacket + Short, Slimming Fitting Top. Let me break it down a bit more.


Best skinny flare jeans -Veronica beard jeans and yellow jacket

1. Start with Quality Women’s Skinny Flare Jeans

I’m stressing quality here because the fit is key to the look. The better the quality of the jeans, the better the construction and fit. Skinny flare jeans need to fit like a glove. They should be snug in the tummy and butt, leg-hugging through the thighs, and then flare out from the knee down to a nice, wide hem. This skinny, then full silhouette creates drama and also helps balance out your hips, giving a beautiful hourglass shape.

Stretch is also very important, so the jeans follow your curves and mold to your body. These jeans are cut from Japanese denim with quick recovery. They have the brand’s signature ‘secret skinny’ pockets, which utilize special stretch fabric to create a slimming effect. ( I do think Veronica Beard has the best skinny flare jeans!)

Veronica Beard also makes a pair of white skinny flare jeans with stitching down the front, but I chose these dark wash denim ones because a dark wash is ultra slimming and very classy. The dark wash works during the day and looks great in the evening. I also thought it looked rich with the yellow jacket, which we will come to in a moment.

One thing I love about these high-waisted skinny flare jeans is the contrast topstitching and button fly. Button fly jeans have become super popular. I wore a  pair of button fly cords in the fall on the blog. Back then, I thought they might draw too much attention to my stomach (yes, I have one, but these super stretchy jeans do a great job hiding it). However, I’ve found that button flys are actually very slimming because the row of buttons creates a vertical line that draws the eye up and down and makes you look tall and slender.

yellow blazer flare jeans

One more thing I want to mention about these high-waisted skinny flare jeans is that they’re very long, and wide. I have long legs, and I still had to wear 4″ heels with these.  You can shorten them if you want to wear a lower heel, but not a lot because long is the look. They should nearly touch the ground.

I love this look, but you wouldn’t see me in the grocery store in these pants. Since they only look good with heels, (thin or chunky is fine), these are my going for dinner on weekends jeans. As for the width of the flare, just remember the wider the flare, the higher the heel you will need to make them look right.

Moving on …..

2. Wear Skinny Flare Jeans with a Gorgeous Jacket

It’s so exciting to see yellow this spring because it’s not always around. This stunning color makes me smile, and I love the way it looks contrasted with the dark denim. It just pops! The other thing that is so great about the jacket is, that it’s double-breasted. Double-breasted jackets give off a sophisticated, moneyed look.

The only time I would say to stay away from double-breasted is if you are big busted, as they can make you look even bigger and bustier. You are better off going with single-breasted. Veronica Beard is known for her fabulous jackets. Smythe is another company that makes incredible jackets.


yellow jacket

You can see here that this canary yellow Veronica Beard jacket has beautiful peaked lapels and an angular cut at the front, which creates a triangular cut out at the bottom of the jacket when it is done up. Take a closer look here. Next…

button up jeans yellow sweater

3. Add a Short, Slim Fitting Top to High-Waisted Skinny Flare Jeans

Once you’ve got your jeans and picked out a gorgeous jacket, it’s time for a top. These jeans have a high rise and this fabulous button fly detail. It makes no sense to cover that up. A short, slim-fitting top is what you need to play up these high-rise skinny flare jeans.


yellow sweater blue flare jeans

A top that ends at your waistline shows off the full length of the jeans, which in turn, makes your legs look longer.  A fitted top is best because it will play up your wide flares (fitted on top and wide on the bottom create a beautiful silhouette).  Also, a thin fitted top works nicely under a jacket. I chose this pretty pastel-colored cotton knit top, which I think makes the outfit more interesting and more casual than a solid-colored top or blouse.

yellow jacket jeans Veronica Beard

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So there’s my cool, classy way to wear ladies’ skinny flare jeans: Quality High Rise Skinny Flare Jeans with Wide Hem +  Gorgeous Jacket + Short, Slimming Fitting Top. If this is an outfit that you’d love to try, I have included the shop links above. You’ll find Veronica Beard in a few different stores. (Note: These jeans are stretchy, so you may want to go down a size.)

Veronica Beard is a pricey brand, so for those of you on a budget, try these less expensive options, above.

If you are interested in what other styles of Jeans Veronica Beard makes check out my post on Veronica Beard’s cropped jeans.  I also have a post of me modeling this cute Veronica Beard Jacket with a dress if you’d like to see how to get double duty out of this pretty yellow jacket.

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7 thoughts on “A Cool, Classy Way to Wear Skinny Flare Jeans

  1. I really like how all the pieces are paired together for the perfect, classy, and stylish look…but why are the prices of most of the items, not even affordable or practical for a regular working woman. How about fashion on a lower budget?

  2. Great jeans! I bought a pair from Old Navy several years ago & still, wearing them. They were Diva bootcut or flared. Fit very similar & loved them. I paired mine with a short peplum striped top with a ruffle on the peplum part in navy & white striped. They were great to wear with boots in the winter since I had a lot of taller heels. With the almost sweeping the ground makes a tall look for Petites. You look amazing!

    1. Hi Becky, Glad you like them. They have been my go-to sunglasses for while now. I love the shape. I just included the link, so check the shop the post pictures again to do directly to the store to buy. Thanks!

  3. Deborah you look gorgeous in these jeans. Many ladies look great in long flared jeans – thank you for posting.

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