Cute Workout Outfits While Isolating at Home

The world may be upside-down right now, but that’s an even better reason to stick to a routine, including your regular workout. Not only will exercise keep you fit while you are stress nibbling on sweets but working out will calm your mind and help center your soul while you are self-isolating.

It doesn’t hurt to have a cute workout outfit to help motivate you on your at-home fitness journey either!

All of these popular brands have great workout clothes for Spring

Here are three cute workout outfits, and some handy workout gear that you may find are perfect for trying out right now.

Bright Workout Clothes Energize

Cute Workout Outfit- Floral Leggings

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Bright colors have a psychological impact on the wearer. They give you energy, just what you need when it feels so much easier to stay in bed than get up and exercise! These lively blue floral capris leggings will do the trick. Slip then on with a tone-on-tone color block sweater for a cute and comfy workout look.

 Keep Cool, Look Cool with Mesh

Cute Workout Outfit - Leopard Leggings

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Mesh anything is a great way to beat the heat when you are working out, and it adds a sporty, body-conscious touch to exercise clothing.  This sleek, white mesh tee with the mesh cutouts at the neckline and sides adds a modern and sexy feel.

Wear this with these slightly edgy leopard print leggings and pair of pink sneakers for a flirty and feminine, fitness look.

Make Workouts Fun with Playful Prints

Cute Workout Outfit - Navy Swirl Pants

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Solid colors are great, but a print like this is fun and sure to get you moving. Tory Burch has some beautiful workout wear, and these leggings are part of her collection.

Not only are the random lines on these capris leggings playful, but they really play up your curves. When what you wear on the bottom is busy,  keep your top simple and wear a solid color. A white top like this is perfect.

I won’t tell if you end up trying to catch an extra glimpse of yourself in the mirror while you’re on the treadmill. This cute outfit makes you want to look twice!

Bored with your workout routine, and need some new play toys for your home gym?

Here are some great workout items available to order while you are stuck inside.

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1. Cross Training Stationary Bike – This bike, for under $100, will turn your bike ride into a total-body workout when you adjust the resistance on the dual-action upper-body arms. Whether you start with an easy warm-up or with a challenging one, this bike will take you for a ride while you can’t hit the gym.

2. Wireless Headphones – There’s nothing more annoying than having cords dangling while you are trying to lift weights, do crunches, or run. These wireless earbuds will enhance your music experience as well as your workout.

3. Exercise Ball – If you are looking for an easy way to get a complete and effective full-body workout at home, this trainer ball is for you. The ball features exercises and clear visuals printed directly on the surface, so you know the muscles targeted for the results you want.

4. Balance Trainer – Move any exercise you would normally perform on the ground to the BOSU® Balance Trainer to amplify the challenge and increase your results. Perfect piece of equipment whether you want to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit.

5. Dumbbells – Now is the time to tone up those pesky midlife arms with lightweight dumbbells, and you’ll be doing it just in time to show them off in sleeveless tops this summer.

6. Jump Rope – If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your heart pumping, try a jump rope. They’re not just for kids. This inexpensive and space-saving piece of equipment is a great way to get your heart rate up.

7. Fitbit Activity Tracker – A fitness tracker is a great way to keep you accountable for your workouts. They track your activity and record it in the form of steps, floors, time spent, and calories burned. Many will also send you a report at the end of each week so you can track your overall progress. They are great motivators when you need help getting started.

8. Yoga Mat – During this time at home, many have turned to yoga to de-stress as well as stay in shape. Yoga helps to strengthen and tone muscles as well as relax your mind. Mats offer cushion and support that you won’t get from a blanket or a towel.

9. Corkcicle Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Stay hydrated during all those home workouts with this triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed water tumbler.

10. Medicine Ball – Lift, toss, or bounce your way to a more toned body with this medicine ball. Have a partner, spouse, or child join you to make it a workout for two.

Have a good workout and stay safe!

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