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Fabulous After 60 – SheShe Style!

If you’ve been trying to decide whether you can pull off certain trends now that you are a little older, you need to meet Sheree Frede.

Sheree is a beautiful, bubbly 60-year-old fashionista who is the creative force behind the blog, SheShe Show.


Sheree’s message is simple- Don’t Let Style Define your age…. And she doesn’t!

Always an adventurer (she’s also been a model and pilot), Sheree is game to try new styles and have fun with fashion. In only a year, this Houston blogger has attracted a large following who love her exuberant style and personality.

I recently had the chance to chat with Sheree about her approach to fashion. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah Boland miniDeb: What is the story behind the interesting name

Sheree: I was given the nickname SheShe 25 years ago when my step-grandchildren were trying to talk and couldn’t say, Sheree. Their parents thought it fit me perfectly so SheShe it was. I then took the name in several businesses….SheShe Designs, SheShe Boutique and Gallery and then SheSheShow.


Deb: How would you describe the way you like to dress? Has your style changed much over the years? 

Sheree: My style is trendy and modern with a little classic and romantic. Basically, a little of everything. My style has not really changed that much over the years, and I look for nuggets from several style influencers to incorporate something from them into my style. I can’t say there is one person who inspires me. I love following the 25 to 40 years old age group to see what they pull together and then I make it my own from there.


Deb: You’ve been a model, flight attendant, private commercial pilot and now a fashion blogger. What inspired you to return to fashion and start blogging?

Sheree: After retiring from aviation in the early nineties and selling my boutique four years ago, I knew I would need a project, job, career or hobby. Too much idle time is not good for me. I was getting left behind in the social media world, so I asked, who else but my social savvy 19-year- old grandson. Carson, to explain to me what Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram were and could he help me set up my own accounts. Hence, he said to me….”SheShe, you should do a You Tube show”, and I did.

Then, four months later a young friend encouraged me to do a blog, and I said ” what is a blog. Can anyone relate??? I did that too. There is just no way to learn it all because technology is changing so fast, but I am up for the challenge. That is what keeps me in the know, and I feel connected. I can now talk the talk.shesheshow-white-denim

Deb: Color is obviously a key part of your look. Why is color so important to you? Which colors work best on you and which colors do you avoid?

Sheree: Love, Love color!! It is a rare occasion to catch me in black. If you do, I will have a colorful accessory. I think color also goes right along with my very lively personality. Hot pinks, bright corals, turquoise…The brights for sure!! Pastels, not so much, but I really don’t shy away from very many colors. If I like the style and fit, then I might sacrifice the bright colors.


Deb: How much of a fashion risk taker are you? What’s the biggest risk you have taken- Did it work out?

Sheree: I definitely take risks!! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am more careful to pull back when investing a lot of money in an item. I like to wear those items more than one season. Less expensive clothing, that’s when I will get a little more gutsy. At NYFW, I put together a street style look mixing prints and textures. I got a lot of compliments, but I was uncomfortable all day. It was cute and street style, but I need to feel it!! Does that make sense?


Deb: There’s a fun, creative, boho vibe in many of your outfits. Lots of loose layers, fringe, etc. Tell us about this part of yourself and how you put together a look like this.

Sheree: Like I said before, my personality is very energetic and l lively, so it is natural for me to transcend that into my style. It is really hard for me to do a classic pinstripe button up blouse. Too conservative!! I would have to layer it up with a print or denim jacket or vest or pair it with denim or tulle.


Deb: Funny, you mention tulle. I notice it seems to be a favorite?

Sheree:  Yes! Tulle is girly girl almost princess-like, so it is like playing dress-up in my mother’s wedding dress. Now, I can wear tulle and bring it down a notch for an everyday look by mixing other textures like leather or denim or even that classic pinstripe button up shirt.


Deb: Off the shoulder tops seem to be a favorite too? Tell us about one of your favorite off the shoulder looks and where you wore it?

Sheree: Off the shoulder is great for any age, unless you have curving of the spine. Shoulders are a great asset as we age that can still give us a little sexy. Shoulders don’t wrinkle or sag. I have several off the shoulder tops, and I wear them for day or night with skirts, pants, and jeans. It makes a great resort look as well. I like my new dark chambray top by my new designer crush Tibi. I just wore it over white jeans to dinner at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth last weekend.


Deb: What do you mean when you say you should have been born coming out of a Spanish Galleon Treasure Chest?

Sheree: I grew up playing in my mother and grand mother’s costume jewelry boxes. That jewelry was from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s…. So glitzy and shiny. Today my glitzy shiny collection is so big that I don’t have space to show it all off. I don’t necessarily wear it all, but I love it all as my treasures. So, I envision rising out of an old Spanish galleon treasure chest with jewels and gems hanging all over me. That sounds a little materialistic, but it really has nothing to do with that!!!



Deb: As a fashion lover, you love to dress for the seasons, but that’s hard to do living in Houston with its warm climate. How do you get around this?

Sheree: This is so frustrating for a Fashionista because Fall is my favorite season. I love the cozy sweater, jacket, coat, but I don’t get to do that very often….a very short window. I look for pieces that have the new fall colors in lighter fabrics, so that I can wear them in 80 degrees or layer up for the 50-degree weather. We rarely get down to 30 or 40-degree temps.



Deb: On your blog you defend ripped jeans for mature women- Do you think there too much emphasis on age appropriateness? Explain.

Sheree: Don’t get me started…..I will start ranting…. a woman should wear what makes her feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. Most of us have a built-in sense of that. I am not comfortable in midriffs, mini -mini skirts, short shorts, puffed sleeves, baby doll tops, and dresses, plunging necklines, or a skin-tight dress. There are ways to achieve a fantastically fashionable look without making yourself self-conscious. That being said, Fringe, ripped jeans, graphic T-shirts, leather and so on and so on work for me….bring it on and to my grave!!! Who writes these rules anyway???? They certainly haven’t reached an age that could even understand! Style should be an extension of your personality. I love it as a form of art as well.



Deb: Recently you were in NY at fashion week surrounded by hundreds of young fashion bloggers in their 20’s. Firstly, How did that feel? 2) What advice would you give those girls about style, that you wish you knew in your 20’s.

Sheree: 1) Young bloggers, they help keep me young and current. I will say it is hard because I don’t get the attention that they do. (I guess I once had my time) My age group has the money to spend, but they are not as connected and engaged as the 20-30-year-olds. I will say, baby boomers (that would be me) are slowly trying to catch up, and I am trying to be patient. I have to remember that I was just like them a year ago. When they do catch up….and most will….there will be a change in this paradigm. The advertisers want us but are afraid to leave the younger gen x’s. We are a niche that is so untapped.

2) Advice- Invest in quality anchor pieces that are timeless and spend less on trendier pieces that are in one season and out the next.



Deb: In your 60 years being a fashionista, you’ve seen a lot of trends come and go? Which decade has been your favorite for fashion so far and why?

Sheree: I think for most, it is the decade of your teen through college years. For me, that is definitely the 70’s and I am getting to do it a second time around. I also love the 50’s with the full skirts, that we are also seeing as current fashion.


Deb: Many women over 40 get stuck in a style rut. What advice can you offer them to keep evolving and to experiment with new looks?

Sheree: I would have them “Google” fall fashion trends. Then I would have them choose 1 or 2 of those trends and add it into their wardrobe- Blouses/Tops, a new Fedora or wide-brimmed felt hat, and ankle booties, a large square plaid scarf, suede skirt or vest, something leather. Most of these 2015 fall trends can be worn at most any age and by most body types, depending on the styles.



Deb: Anything else you would like to add?

Sheree: Thank you, Deborah, for having me as your guest. I admire what you are doing and represent!   Just remember “don’t let age define your style”.    Xo, Sheree Frede

Deb: Thank you so much, Sheree, for sharing your vibrant style with us. You are Fabulous!! Ladies, be sure to visit Sheree at her blog, SheShe Show.

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7 thoughts on “Fabulous After 60 – SheShe Style!

  1. I love her style for her! What a joyous personality! I think, however, that others without s sense of proportion on what they are putting together may not pull this off so effortlessly. I have a lot of fun with my own clothing at 66, but strive to keep the brightness of too many accessories in check, and because I am only 5.4 and 118 lbs, I cannot pull off a “larger than life/bold” look. For example, I need to wear a nude shoe paired with a brighter/smaller purse or even a nude purse with a colorful scarf tied on the handle. Even as a fashion consultant, I constantly ask for advice for my own silhouette/proportions/accessories! The question I ask, is this wearing me or am I wearing it?

  2. What an enjoyable person Sheree seems to be! Her clothes match her personality, and that is the key to style. We aren’t all cut from the same cloth, pun intended. What I noticed most about her look? she is unashamed of letting her hair go gray! Yippee, what an inspiration to see a beautiful, gray-haired lady! Thanks for spotlighting this woman.

  3. I really enjoyed Sheree’s interview! What a fun lady and she is soooooo beautiful an stylish! Love her attitude and life outlook. I will definitively visit her blog. Thanks for having her and introducing her to us:-) I really enjoy meeting happy, fun and positive human beings like Sheree!

    Have a blessed weekend Deborah! XOXO, Jeannette

  4. Great style Sheree has! So different from what I see in ladies her age. She has that little something that makes her wear clothes with grace without being exagerated or trying to look what she is not, but that is something to be careful at any age. Good you featured her in your blog Deb!

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