Faux Fur Jackets: Fall’s Cozy New Trend!

Faux Fur jackets are the newest way to look chic and stay cozy this fall, and to everyone’s surprise, they look amazingly good!  Here are 4 stylish faux fur jackets that are more exciting than the real thing and why you need one in your wardrobe now! Green Faux Fur Jacket and balck jumpsuit outfit styled by Fabulous After 40 Deborah Boland

Faux Fur Coats Show The World You are With It 

Be it Mink, Fox, Beaver, or Cougar, a fur coat used to be the ultimate status symbol. But wear one now, and you’ll look insensitive, and out of touch like you are trapped in a time warp.

That’s because a growing number of designers are moving towards cruelty-free and eco fashion, and have pledged to reduce or eliminate fur from their collections. Stella McCartney was the first to say no to fur, with others following suit. Now, even Versace has declared they are going fur-free in 2019.

The result is that faux fur is having a moment, and faux fur jackets like this stunning, plush green one (above) are flying out of the stores. Faux fur is progressive, and it sends a youthful message about the wearer. Novelty colors, textures, and proportions give a light-hearted lift to this season’s faux fur coats.

Feel free to pair one with something casual, or dressy. Colored faux fur gives your outfit a fashion-forward vibe and looks exciting and dramatic especially when worn with black.

Cheetah Print Faux Fur Jacket with balck jeans and white blouse styled by Fabulous After 40 Deborah Boland

There’s a Bigger Selection of Faux Fur Jackets Than Ever

There’s no denying that until now, there’s been a lot of hesitation to embrace faux fur jackets because of how they looked and felt.  Many were poorly made out of cheap fabrics, and there wasn’t much selection. You could say most looked tacky, like a hairy bathmat or an Oscar the Grouch costume.

How things have changed! Thanks to better fabrications and many new modern styles and colors, fall’s new faux fur coats look much richer and luxurious, but they are also fun! Some are meant to look like fur knockoffs,  but the majority are simply more fashionably fur-inspired. In other words, more creative looking.

Whether you go for a glam faux leopard jacket or something more shaggy and hairy, there’s never been a better selection of faux fur jackets out there than now.

Brown Faux Mink jacket with raw edge jeans and a taupe floral blouse styled by Fabulous After 40| Deborah Boland]

Faux Fur Jackets are Practical

If you are looking for a jacket that feels comfy and keeps you warm, then take a look at faux fur. This season’s faux fur jackets are not just attention grabbers. They often have the same level of softness quality and warmth as real fur.

Whether you choose something like this sumptuous oversized faux mink moto jacket, or a fuzzy, teddy bear car coat, this season’s faux fur jackets will keep you warmer and more snuggly than ever before.

Tweed Jacket with Fuax Fur Collar worn with jeans and a gray turtleneck sweater and high black booties styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland

Faux Fur Jackets Add a Shot of Texture and Interest

If you’ve never been into fur and a faux fur coat doesn’t do it for you either, you should still consider a shot of faux fur to add texture and interest to your outfit. This polished-looking tweed coat with the faux fur trim is a great example.

The fur collar is a beautiful way to frame your face and add interest and dimension to a classic jacket. And the collar is detachable too! Worn with jeans and high suede boots this is one sporty chic look!

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