Why Green is a Big Deal This Fall

We’re on the way to a greener world, and fashion is following right along. Green clothing fall 2017

Why Green?

It started with Emerald a couple of years ago; olive-green and khaki have been popular too. This year a bold, dark green called Shaded Spruce rules.

Shaded Spruce is a deep, saturated green with hints of blue. It’s like teal but darker and reminds us of spruce trees where each needle looks green, but when you look at the tree as a whole, the needles combine to form a beautiful blue-green color. Spruce oozes richness, elegance, and sophistication.

Spruce Jacket Black Skinny Jeans


What’s So Wonderful About This New Hue?

Green is Unexpected –Black is predictable, dark blue has been around for a while, but this dark shaded green is new and fresh. It’s different, and different turns heads.

Green is Grounded – Green communicates harmony and calmness, so it’s a great color to wear to look relaxed approachable.


What Other Colors Do You Wear With Shaded Spruce?

Spruce Green Looks Fabulous with the Rest of this year’s fall colors – All these colors complement Spruce Green and are part of the Fall 2017 Color Line-up.

Spruce Dress Black Clutch


Spruce Green Looks Formal Combined with Black – See how elegant this Shaded spruce shift looks with black suede shoes and this gorgeous velvet clutch.

Spruce Scarf Grenadine Jacket Tan Booties



Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Spruce Green With Brights  – This sophisticated hue is also stunning mixed with a bright, cheery color like this beautiful Grenadine red coat and Autumn Maple booties and bag.

Do you like Shaded Spruce or green in general? Or is green a color you’ve never really worn? I’m a blonde with green eyes, so this is a color that makes me come alive! Just a look at the Shaded Spruce Sweater I just bought and see what you think!


Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn about another new fall trend. It’s all part of my Fab Fall Countdown – 31 Days to a More Stylish, Chic You!


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15 thoughts on “Why Green is a Big Deal This Fall

  1. I love the spruce green choices. Although green shades look good on me, I tend to look like the Jolly Green Giant in most of them. The spruce is like teal and deep emerald, more sophisticated, and pairs great with both classic neutrals and fun brights. I am having fun pairing it with paprika and persimmon shades for a bright pop of color, as well as my classic medium grays and navy. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I adore blue-greens, Spruce is a winner!

    I’m a cool-complexioned redhead with gold undertones in my hair. I have blue eyes with gold flecks. Blue-greens like aqua have the same effect as tinted contact lenses. My eye colour seems to change, depending on the clothes I wear. If you have any colour of eyes with a secondary colour, experiment with clothing that works with the secondary colour. My father has green eyes that appear blue when he wears certain.colours.. This trick won’t make brown eyes blue, though.

  3. I am a blue eyed ash blonde, with dark red hair now?, and love green especially the cool green as it turns my eyes that color ?

    1. Wow, Great trick Sherry. You must have some green in those blue eyes. It’s the same as me. I have hazel, brown/green eyes and when I wear green they look totally green! Cheers, Deborah

  4. Hi Deborah, I have loved green since I was twelve when a favourite aunt of mine sent me a lime green set with pedal pushers for my birthday all the way from Calif. to Ont. Can. I do use many shades of green which compliment my hazel, I mean green eyes.

  5. I have loved and worn green for years! I think of olive green as the “new” black. Happy to see the fashion world has caught up at least for this season.

  6. If I can find a perfect emerald green, then yes. I look pretty good in emerald, but it is not so easy to find. Been working on fine tuning my look, and adding in just pops of jewel tones, and green has been on my list.

  7. I don’t wear colors that are “in style”, I wear what i like on me. That said, I have been wearing green most of my life. Certain shades look great with my auburn hair and pale skin, although I am going gray, so may have to switch to different shades after all the gray comes in. Probably greens with a brighter, bluer base…I love the chunky sweater and tartan bag!

  8. I absolutely love green. This is one of my go to colors and complements my dark hair, medium complexion and green eyes. I love mixing green with as much as I can get away with. I’m so happy green has made a come back.

  9. I’m not a huge fan of green myself, though I love that green knitted sweater and the tartan purse. Greens don’t work with my complexion, and I’ve often thought it’s a tough color for many women to pull off. Makes me look sallow.

  10. Hi Deborah and Glam Gals!
    While I am not a lover of green, the emerald and forest shades are very nice. I agree that it is important to do a “color test” in the store to see if a particular shade is compatible with our complexions. Otherwise, we would look all washed out, certainly not a look we are trying to achieve as we are “that certain age.” However, the lighter shades are great for accessorizing, just the right look for that “pop of color”. I love this site!

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