Would you Wear Wedge Sneakers?

Comfort is king and sneakers are in, but what about wedge sneakers? Would you wear them? I must admit I wasn’t a fan of high-top wedge sneakers when they first showed up a few years ago. They looked kind of chunky and weird, but now they’re growing on me. I’ve seen a few on women our age, and surprisingly, they look kind of cool. wedge sneakers

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

I think I like them more now because there’s more of a variety to choose from. At first, there were a lot of wild, bright colors and busy teen-looking styles with too much hardware, pattern, and shine. Recently I’ve noticed sleeker, more minimalist styles cropping up that are more flattering on mature women.

My petite readers seem to especially love wedge sneakers. Finally, a super casual shoe that’s comfy and gives short gals the height they crave.

Sneaker Wedges - black leather high top sneaker wedges, olive pants, olive sweater outfit styled by Fabulous After 40



Black wedge sneakers are easiest to wear for two reasons: black goes with everything, and black wedge sneakers kind of look like black ankle booties, which we are all used to wearing.

As for what to wear with wedge sneakers, try leather leggings and an oversize sweater, camo pants + a top, or jeans + a casual shirt. More funky types look great wearing wedge sneakers with jeans + edgy, artsy tops or asymmetrical tunics.

Utility jackets, leather jackets, jean jackets, and boyfriend jackets also look fantastic with these trendy sneakers.

I don’t suggest wearing them with a dress or skirt, or you’ll risk looking like a 40+ moonwalker! They’d be very clunky looking.

How to Wear wedge sneakers - Brown perforated suede sneaker, jeans, plaid shirt, white utility jacket, tan bag


Perforated Suede Wedge Sneakers

Perforated wedge sneakers are trending for spring. The suede ones are nice. Above is a weekend look with wedge sneakers that that is casual, modern, and ageless. Throw a spring utility coat over a plaid shirt, your favorite jeans, and these cute perforated suede wedge sneakers.

These sneakers are sleek and sophisticated. They have no hardware, and the caramel suede is very rich looking. One of the keys to making wedge sneakers work is to keep them classy. This fabulous leather top handle bag upscales the whole look too.

Will you be giving Wedge sneakers a go this spring?

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26 thoughts on “Would you Wear Wedge Sneakers?

  1. I am not over 40 just turned 30. I have been wearing sneaker wedges now for a while! My first pair was from Aldo. I loved them so much that I ended up buying three teams! I love how comfy, sexy, and stylish. I work in the music industry, and they make it possible to be fashionable but also comfy, which is essential to me when spending long hours on my feet. I want to purchase more!

  2. I have a few cute pairs of sneaker wedges—Red, white & black plaid, orange, gold & copper. I live in them in the fall/winter! Turning 50 in 2017. :)

  3. I just turned 41, and I have the white Nike ones. I wondered if they were age-appropriate (shame on me), but when I googled, women my age were buying them. I love them because I’m not a big sneaker, and they work, honey! They’re more comfortable than my reg Nike workout/errand sneakers. I’m going to get the black-on-black ones as well!

  4. I would make the wedge sneaker a part of my over 40’s fashion style. I am 52 and bought my first pair of wedge sneakers a few weeks ago, only to have my adult 32-year daughter, 24-year-old daughter, and 27-year-old daughter tell me I was too old and a grandmother. Let me tell you, I may be a grandmother, but I rocked those wedged sneakers like a 20-year-old!!!

    1. You are never too old!! It is also possible that your daughters want those wedge sneakers, and they don’t want you to wear them because they want the shoes for themselves! Lol!!

  5. I hope I get away with wearing the new wedge sneaker at 40. It would most definitely help to be only 5″2 as long as I wear them with something fitting for my age.

  6. Yes, I sure would! I’ve focused on them and will be purchasing my first pair soon! I’m also petite and own a pair of ballet flats, but I look better in a shoe that gives me some height. To me, the wedge sneaker is a gift from heaven! Lol!

  7. YES, I would and DO, as they are COMFORTABLE, great on UNEVEN TERRAIN, and in my

    Opinion an AGELESS boot ( I am 67), and give a YOUNG – but not TARTY LOOK!!

    I have been waiting for a WEDGE CASUAL BOOT for ages. The ones with lots of

    LACES take a long while to do up is the only negative thing about these boots!! I find wedge

    Shoes/boots/sandals are the only TRUE COMFORTABLE footwear!

  8. I purchased a pair about six months ago, khaki smooth leather with a little tangerine accent. Worn with cargo pants, a zip-front jacket, and a scarf on the weekend, they look elegant and on-trend. I’ve not seen the “kids” wearing these around my area (Philadelphia suburbs). At 48, I may not be a kid, but I’m not in the grave yet!

  9. Initially, I thought sneaker wedges looked ridiculous — and the first versions DID look very “hip-hop” and, well, tacky/teenagery. But then more designers started jumping on the bandwagon, and colors toned down & the wedge became less obvious (aka the “hidden wedge” item descriptions now tout). I had to try a pair, and I AM HOOKED!!

    OMG, sooooo comfortable. You’d never know you were wearing heels, but you’ve got a nice little bump in height to slim & elongate your figure & help you see over crowds & all the benefits of being taller without the ouch & instability of “regular” heels. Seriously — these shoes are THAT comfortable.

    They’re not so many sneakers anyway, but more of a bootie. A cushie, sporty bootie. Like they took all the padding &amp, adjustability of sneakers, and added some lift & style so you can wear them out and not feel all gym-ratty.

    Have to love it: push-up shoes!! How did it take us so long to invent these…?? Don’t knock them till you’ve tried them, ladies. Have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of variations on this theme in upcoming seasons.

  10. I think those of us with teen daughters might look at some clothing items differently than we would have in the pre-kid days. I think I had a pair of these about 25 years ago, but there are so many casual wedge options available today that I’ll probably pass this time.

  11. I wouldn’t say personally. To me, it looks too teenager-y. I can imagine my 16-year-old niece or a college-age girl in these. Not to say it wouldn’t work for other women, but count me out.

  12. Looks like there are lots of different opinions on these! Probably depends on how trendy of a town you live in, your age and several other factors. Pro or Con…Love hearing from all of you!

  13. I am definitely planning to add a pair (or two) to my shoe wardrobe this season. I’m 5’2″ if that tells you anything. I love them and they look so cool under straight leg jeans.

  14. No. I don’t wear sneakers except for exercise. In general, they’re ugly, and I think they aren’t improved by adding wedges. Then, they just look ugly and silly, which is fine for a 14 year old, but not an adult of any age.

  15. I love these, but I bet I can’t find them in my size (11 ss). If I can, I will definitely get a pair. Love the pants, too.

    1. I bought these with my 26 yr old daughter. (Me 46) They are cute and comfortable. They don’t make me look tarnished! If you like them, rock them. OH, and you can find them in size 11.

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