7 Ways To Ace Lace In The Daytime

Long gone are the days when lace was saved for special occasions and evening wear. Wear lace by day as part of a casual outfit to look modern and chic. Here’s how to do it right.

white lace top white jeans

1. Choose Modern Shapes and Styles

Lace looks old lady when you wear prim or outdated styles. Look for casual pieces and streamlined cuts like a white lace t-shirt worn with white jeans. Do other popular days look? Sweatshirts with lace detail and all lace pencil skirts worn chambray shirts.

2. Choose High-Quality Lace

Just because you are wearing lace by day and not night, it doesn’t mean you can skimp on quality. If you cheap out by buying thin, stretchy lace, you are going to look like you got your outfit at the dollar store. 40+ bodies demand quality look chic, and lace is one of those fabrics where this really counts. Buy good quality.

3. Don’t O.D. on Lace

Too much lace is exhausting to look at and tacky too. Don’t overdo it. For example, if you wear an all-lace dress- don’t wear lace anywhere else. You can get too much of a good thing.

4. Experiment With Colored Lace

Playful colors counter the naughtiness of lace-making lace lighthearted and more inviting by day. Vibrant blue, red, green, and purple are popular.

5. Keep Hair and Make-up Loose and  Natural

This is key. We often forget about the total look. Stiff lace + stiff hair and lots of make-up look harsh and old. If you are going to wear lace by day or by night, keep your look more casual. and carefree.

6. Aim for an Easygoing Look

Too much jewelry or a ton of accessories doesn’t look relaxed. Keep your look simple and sleek to make lace look lovely and daytime-friendly.

and finally…………..

7. Wear the Right Undergarments

When it comes to wearing lace, you need to use a little common sense, especially if you are wearing it by day. I saw an attractive woman in her late 40s at the Heathrow airport in jeans and a white, see-through lace stop.  Everyone around her couldn’t stop staring at her very sexy, low-cut, push-up bra peeking through underneath. We all thought she must have had a secret desire to be a stripper! Don’t forget a camisole when needed if you are wearing lace.

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One thought on “7 Ways To Ace Lace In The Daytime

  1. I saw Sally Field wearing red lace. She looks fantastic in everything. I love her! I had no idea she was 66. Last week I bought myself a Roland Klein Lace Dress with a matching long jacket (not sure if it’s too much) in a lovely light purple color. Still too cold to wear, but I am looking forward to putting it on in the summer.

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