The Latest Looks in Swimwear for 2023

Need to buy a new swimsuit, but not sure what’s in style? Here are the latest looks in swimwear for 2023.

Swimwear may change slowy from year to year, but it’s definitely shifting. This year it’s all about self-expression and getting creative with new colors, cuts and embellishments. Here’s what to watch out for.

  • animal prints
  • super bright colors
  • warm, golden tones
  • one shoulder
  • off the shoulder
  • plunging necklines
  • high waisted bottoms
  • mixing and matching tops and bottoms
  • asymmetrical styles
  • unique embellishment

The Best Bathing Suit for a Big Belly

Hiding a tummy is much easier than most people think, and it doesn’t just involve wearing the color black. Instead, try:

1) Patterns- Busy or floral patterns are great at distracting from troubled areas

2) Ruching- The crumpled effect of ruched bathing suits effectively camouflages your tummy

3) Plunging necklines- A great way to draw attention upwards

4) Control tops engineered to keep your curves beautiful and smooth

Best Swimwear for Top Heavy Women

The goal is to take the emphasis away from the bust, shoulders, and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of their bodies. Simple tops with print bottoms are great for this body type. Halter tops should be your best friend as they provide more support for your bosom. Avoid horizontal stripes above your waist because they will make your chest appear larger unless that’s the look you’re going for.

Best Bathing suits to go from Flat Chested to Fabulous

The Media makes it seem like only women with large busts can look good in a bathing suit. So untrue!  Flat-chested gals can look amazing with flounce, ruffles, ruching, and horizontal pleat tops to give the illusion of a fuller bust. Bright colors and horizontal stripes are great as they make your figure look fuller.

Tankinis – Which Body Type do they flatter most?

Plus-size women often love tankinis. They’re not as restrictive as one-piece suits, but they’re still great at covering troubled areas. They provide a level of coverage and comfort that’s great for women of all sizes. But If you’ve got an hourglass figure, you should not have a tankini in your wardrobe. You’ll look much better in either a one-piece or a bikini.

And if you’ve ever tried to go to the bathroom with two kids in tow while wearing a one-piece, it’s not hard to understand why they’re an excellent swimwear style for mothers with young kids.

Best Swimwear when self-conscious about Heavy Thighs?

First, to all women who feel insecure about their thighs, Don’t. Women have bigger thighs. That’s part of what makes you a woman and not a girl. Yes, it’s true; large thighs are one of the more complicated things to hide in a bathing suit. But it’s not impossible. The go-to thing for women with heavy thighs is to wear shorts over their bathing suits. But why did you get a bathing suit if you’re going to cover it up?

Instead, look for skirted bottoms or swim dresses. They’ll give just the proper accent while hiding what you want it to. Low-rise bottoms will also create the illusion of leaner hips and thighs but avoid anything too skimpy. Be sure to wear very decorative tops as they’ll draw attention away from your thighs.

Petite women can have problems finding the right fit. Do bathing suits come in small sizes, and how do they differ from regular-sized cases?

You won’t find swimsuits explicitly made for petite women. Bathing suits are much more; one size fits all. For little women, though, you want to go with bikinis as they will give your torso a more extended, leaner look.

Let’s talk about athletic builds. What kind of suits are best when you are lean and muscular?

Look for styles that add femininity. Monokinis are great at accentuating an athletically built woman’s subtle curves. Tankinis also look excellent on athletic types because it shortens the upper body.

Best bikinis to wear after 40 to look chic?

Hands down, La Blanca and Anne Cole bikinis are perfect for women over 40 that want a more sophisticated look. Their classy chic styles give the wearer certain confidence and grace you don’t find in those bikinis made for younger ladies.

Short Legs -Best bathing suits to make your legs look a mile long?

Generally, in fashion, short-leg problems are fixed with high-heeled shoes. Unless you’re entering some bikini contest, heels and swimsuits are a terrible and unsafe idea. Vertical prints (incredibly bold, geometric types), v-shaped necklines, vertical cutouts, and vertical anything can appear to lengthen your body and legs. High-cut thigh bottoms will for sure make your legs look longer. While heels are not good with swimwear, flashy flats draw the eye downward, giving your legs added length.

What else to look for in a bathing suit?

When looking good in a swimsuit, it comes down to the quality of the suit. One piece that’s $15 will not last as long or look as good. That said, there’s no reason to spend more than $300 on a swimsuit. Look for swimsuits with thicker and more elastic fabrics. Unique straps and fancy embellishments look great in pictures when you’re wearing them though they can be uncomfortable and leave weird tan lines.

The Online shopping advantage

There are the usual online shopping advantages like saving time and money, a much more extensive selection, and you get to read reviews before buying.

Most importantly, shopping online lets you shop from a comfortable place. We don’t just mean ordering from in your nice cozy bed. One of the biggest problems women have with shopping for swimsuits in a store is dressing room anxiety. That fear that you’ll look terrible in the swim apparel you’ve picked out. Many stores position their dressing room mirrors and use lighting to make you look slightly skinnier, so you don’t get an accurate impression. And having to be around judgy strangers or pushy salespeople can be nerve-wracking.

When you feel more comfortable, you can make better decisions and not feel pressured by outside influences to buy something you don’t love. When you shop for swimsuits from SwimsuitsDirect.com, you always get free shipping and free returns so you can order as many suits as you would like, try them on at home, and easily send back the ones you don’t like.

It seems all too often women hold back from the fun they can have in a swimsuit because she doesn’t feel sexy or they are insecure about their body. By learning about what swimsuit styles are suitable for your body type, you’ll be able to find and buy the best swimwear and wear it with a new sense of confidence.

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  1. My only comment on the bathing suit suggestions for large chested women is that halter tops are tough on the neck. I suggest buying suits that are bra sized. Straps over the shoulder are much more comfortable and avoid a trip to the chiropractor. Panache offers a great selection.

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