3 Airport Chic Looks For Traveling To Europe

Your bags are packed, your passport is in hand, and your European vacation is all mapped out. Now the only question is, what should you wear on the plane?

Naturally, comfort is key, but you also want to look good. A polished outfit helps set the tone for your trip and gets you feeling extra pumped about going on vacation.

With that in mind, here are three fabulous travel outfits with European flair to help you arrive in style.

shirtdress with leggings

Choose a European Travel Color Scheme 

Color is a good place to start when you are deciding what to wear to Europe.  North Americans love bright colors and bold patterns, while Europeans lean towards quieter shades and classic prints.

The Euro-chic palette is made up of mainly neutrals and darker, muted colors with the odd touch of a brighter color thrown in here and there (often a bright accessory).  The overall effect is a more sophisticated, elegant look even when dressing casually.

Feeling relaxed and cozy is important when you’re in the air for so long, which is why black leggings and a long shirtdress are perfect for a 6-hour or more flight across the ocean.  Airplanes get chilly, so be sure to take along a wrap. This camel fringed cashmere shawl is light but warm. Of course, you’ll never go wrong in Europe with flat, neutral walking shoes and a chic black tote.

Travel - Striped Dress

Go For Classic Styles

Classic cuts and a perfect fit are the hallmarks of European style. This simple dress with its navy and white stripes has true French flavor and would look great if you were traveling to Europe. Add a dash of American style with these cool Vans statement sneakers. (Sneakers are big in Europe now too).  A cute jean jacket comes in handy anywhere you go in the world. Traditional, quality jewelry always looks right in Europe.


rust top and jeanss


Dress up Jeans with Feminine Accents and Quality Accessories 

Jeans are universal and look classy paired with rich, old world colors like rust, dark red, gray and gold and dark green. Keep your accessories streamlined and minimal for an elegant European vibe.

Scarves are right at home in Europe and add instant sophistication. A quality leather crossbody bag is out of reach of pickpockets and is perfect for hands-free juggling of suitcases or going sightseeing once you arrive.

Want to see more travel outfits for what to wear on a plane? Check out this post. Bon Voyage!


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9 thoughts on “3 Airport Chic Looks For Traveling To Europe

  1. I just returned from Italy after 3 months and can give all of these outfits a high five stamp of approval. Very stylish and on point. Most importantly, comfortable.

  2. I hope you will do this again in the fall, when European travel involves a coat and footwear that can cope with lots of rain. Please!

    1. There are lots of light, thin, packable raincoats out there which pair well with layers and keep out wind. Shop the travel clothing providers for stylish options. Micro fleece is also a friend – very thin.

  3. In addition to what I wrote earlier, being European and travelling to the U.S., can you help me with this:
    The largest problem I face when in the U.S. is the big difference between temperature outside (I usually travel to New York, Washington DC, and Miami, in spring/summer) and the freezing, airconditioned conference rooms inside. Not used to that, I don’t know how to dress for that. Usually, I end up with a chunky fleece sweater or my coat over my business outfit in the rooms. And socks! And then taking all that off again on the way out.
    How do you keep elegant with that large change in temperature inside/outside??

    1. Hi Stenna,
      One of the things that has worked for me is a cashmere wrap. They are perfect for those freezing conference rooms and look very chic. I have a few in red, coral and leopard print. I purchased them at Neiman Marcus and always take them with me when I travel. They’re great on planes too.

  4. I love this look and your suggestions. However, I’m European (Dutch)and facing the opposite problem. I travel to the U.S. several times a year, for work. And always end up feeling quite underdressed, in my casual, dark-coloured European style. What should I pack, next time?!

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