One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses for the Holidays

At Christmas, the stores are overflowing with holiday dresses, and deciding on the perfect one can be almost overwhelming. So, here’s a  suggestion. If you are looking for a dress that is festive, elegant, and a little bit sexy, then a one-shoulder cocktail dress may well be your answer.

Here’s a look a three that are trending right now, with tips on how to wear them.One Shoulder Dress



Sleek and Modern One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

This gorgeous brick-colored dress with its folded asymmetrical neckline is crisp and contemporary.  The one-shoulder style highlights your shoulders, so it’s most flattering for women with average to broad shoulders.

Style Tip – Wear the Right Bra: Be sure to wear a well-supporting strapless or convertible bra with a dress like this to make the most of the fabulous neckline.


Flamenco style has been a big trend lately, and it translates well into this one-shoulder cocktail dress. Oversized ruffles are dramatic and sexy.

Style Tip – You Don’t need a Necklace: A cuff worn on the opposite side of the shoulder strap balances the look. Drop earrings help highlight the neckline, too, especially when you can wear your hair up. But you don’t need to wear a necklace as it will only compete with your neckline. If you feel the need to wear one, stick to fine jewelry like a delicate gold necklace with a small diamond or pearls. A statement necklace would be far too overpowering and ruin the look.

red one Shoulder Dr



Classic Christmas Red One Shoulder Dress

Here’s a dress that is ideal for the Holidays. This stunning red one-shoulder looks Christmas-ready accessorized with sleek black accessories.

Style Tip- A clutch works best.
Tuck in the chain of this envelope purse and carry it as a clutch. You don’t want a strap or chain to interfere with the gorgeous one-shoulder silhouette.


Not so sure if a one-shoulder cocktail dress is for you?

Then how about a cold shoulder dress? You have a little more coverage, but you still get a sexy vibe.

Tip: Grin and bear it. With any of these dresses, go as is. Don’t take along a wrap or shawl. It will only hide this fabulous look. If you are worried about being cold, then this isn’t the dress for you.

Check out how one of my readers wore her one-shoulder dress. It was a big hit!

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5 thoughts on “One Shoulder Cocktail Dresses for the Holidays

  1. I love one shoulder style dresses! As you said they’re chic and elegant, without showing too much skin. Whenever I wear my only one shoulder dress I usually opt to wear prominent earrings, without any necklace though. Maybe I should try to experiment more.

  2. This looks fabulous! I hope it’s OK if I ask a question about undergarments. I am a bit on the large side and of course at 53, need much support up top! What type of undergarments might allow me to wear a style like this? I think this style would work on my frame – I am 5’9″ and about a size 12. (in todays vanity sizes LOL)

    Thanks! Love all your articles, e-books, etc. I just got the DVD about closet cleaning and I can’t wait to get started!


    1. Hi Beth,
      You sounds like a fun gal and since you are tall you would look so regal in a dress like this! They come in many fabrics so if you feel like you have more curves you will want to make sure you get one made of quality fabric that is not too thin. A full strapless shape wear piece that has a built in bra will hold you in nicely. Nordstroms or Macys has an excellent selection. You will want to find the dress first and then take it with you to find the shape wear piece if that is possible. Let me know how you do!! Enjoy!

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