Elegant, Sexy One Shoulder Tops You Can Wear Casually

First, it was off-the-shoulder tops, then cold-shoulder tops. Now one-shoulder tops are grabbing the spotlight, and it doesn’t seem to matter that it’s the middle of winter! One-shoulder tops from tees to blouses to big oversize cozy sweaters are modern and a little sexy too.

If you want to put a little drama into your daytime look, here are 7 elegant one-shoulder tops that can add some oomph to a casual outfit.



brown one shoulder sweater

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Sparkly One Shoulder Top

The shoulder on this winter in this toasty brown one-shoulder sweater that is extra gorgeous because of all the tiny sparkly threads running through it. The color, relaxed asymmetrical neckline, land long cozy sleeves make this cool knit look effortlessly chic. Try pairing this sweater with black jeans, some trendy shearling clogs, this stunning snake print bag, and some dangly earrings to show off that beautiful neck.

Here are some more one-shoulder blouses, sweaters, and tees to update your wardrobe.

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Soft Merino Wool and Cotton Blend

Show off your sassy side with this cable knit sweater spun in is a super soft wool and cotton blend.

Dramatic Angular Neckline

An angular neckline puts a modern and dramatic spin on a sexy, fine-gauge knit sweater.

Side Tuck Top

Strategic side tucks create a slimming and eye-catching effect on a beautiful top that flaunts your shoulder and arm.

Side Wrap Sweater

This shoulder-baring sweater has a shapely gathered side tie and a pretty single puff sleeve. This is a great top to wear when you want to bear your arms but stay warm as well.

Classy Leopard Print

Treat leopard print as a neutral and wear it as you would a white or black top. This leopard one shoulder looks fabulous when paired with classic denim or black or white jeans.

Boat Neck Beauty

This versatile boat neck top can be adjusted to switch up the fit. Wear it as a one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, cowl neck and more. Possibilities are endless with this one!
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7 thoughts on “Elegant, Sexy One Shoulder Tops You Can Wear Casually

  1. I love the one-shoulder look. I’ve always thought a subtle cold shoulder look was great too, and I prefer an excellent boat neck when I can find it over nearly all neck styles.

    1. Hi Sharon, The one shoulder is very elegant, but I love,e the boat neck. You get an exquisite look, but it is a little more practical every day. I love one shoulder for going out or something special.

  2. I love one-shoulder style dresses! As you said, they’re chic and elegant without showing too much skin. Whenever I wear my only one-shoulder clothing, I usually opt to wear prominent earrings without any necklace. Maybe I should try to experiment more.

  3. This looks fabulous! I hope it’s OK if I ask a question about undergarments. I am a bit on the large side and, of course, at 53, need much support up top! What type of undergarments might allow me to wear a style like this? I think this style would work on my frame – I am 5’9″ and about a size 12. (in today’s vanity sizes, LOL)

    Thanks! I love all your articles, e-books, etc. I just got the DVD about closet cleaning, and I can’t wait to start!


    1. Hi Beth,
      You sound like a fun gal, and since you are tall, you would look regal in a dress like this! They come in many fabrics, so if you feel like you have more curves, you will want to ensure you get one made of quality fabric that is not too thin. An entire strapless shapewear piece with a built-in bra will hold you in ely. Nordstroms or Macy’s has an excellent selection. You will want to find the dress and then take it with you to find the shapewear piece if that is possible. Let me know how you do!! Enjoy!

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