Styleblazers Series

Instagram Influencers & Fashion Bloggers Over 40,50,60

Instagram Influencers & Fashion Bloggers over 40, 50, and 60 are true Styleblazers for women in midlife. Here are a few I have interviewed that have been around for a very long time and are making waves.

Shauna – Chic Over 50

Shana is a perky, fun IG influencer and blogger who loves color and mixing and matching patterns. Shauna lives in beautiful Utah and shares fashion and beauty with energy and style! Check her out @chicover50




Tania – 50 is not Old!

Tania is a modern Nana that believes age doesn’t define you. Her sister talked her into blogging many years ago and she never turned back. Tania shares clothing hauls from many 50+ brands and is sure to include lots of budget finds too. Click the link to read more about her!

Beth – Style at a Certain Age

Beth is another friend in her early 60’s who has been blogging for many years. Her focus is much like mine, classic style. Beth shares, fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Over the years her blog has grown to include her daughter-in-law, who writes about petite fashion and cooks up some amazing recipes. Read more about Beth here.  I was recently at conference with Beth. Check out our fun photos here.

Tanya – Tanya Foster Blog

Tanya is a lover of film, fashion and fun and often attends film charity functions that involve celebs so has some expertise around how to dress for that. This glamourous influencer/blogger lives in Dallas. Be sure to check out her style on IG at @tanyafosterbog



Deborah Boland – Fabulous After 40

Let’s not forget me! I’m style/beauty influencer from Burlington, Ontario Canada who has been blogging since 2006! I like classic, elegant clothes with a modern twist. I believe life is too short to be frumpy and I want to help women 40,50,60 tweak their chic and look ageamazing! You can learn more about me here and if you haven’t visited my IG page, please drop by.

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6 thoughts on “Instagram Influencers & Fashion Bloggers Over 40,50,60

  1. Colour! These women are not afraid to be bold in their color choices. They select the best shades for their skin tone and banish blandness.

  2. I love the fashions on codigopelar but need English translation and where the gutisisters sisters’ clothing can be purchased in the United States
    Thank you

  3. All these ladies are an inspiration to stay fit, healthy, and chic! Deborah, you look good in everything! I will try to wear all the lovely dresses I have this summer. I can sometimes be lazy and grab something, but your constant enthusiasm to look good and be comfortable is motivating!

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