How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Business Suit

Suits are a staple of a working woman’s wardrobe, whether you wear one every day or just for special meetings. I love the way a quality suit communicates power and authority and makes me feel like I own the room.  An added bonus: suits are also a fantastic way to shape your body, giving structure and definition to softer, rounder 40+ figures.

Today I’m sharing how to find the best suit for your profession and personality. Let’s have a look.Corporate

Corporate Executive/ Finance/Law/Insurance

Serious business requires a serious suit, so if you are in a high corporate position, or if you work in finance or law, you can’t go wrong with a classic navy power suit. Wear your navy suit with a cream or white blouse for the highest authority.

Gray is also a very commanding shade for executives, however in the pecking order of power plants are not quite as powerful as a skirt. Note: Keep your shoes in the same color as your suit to complete the power look.Communicator

Communicator ( Manager, Sales, Speaker, Academic, Media, Businessperson, Hospitality, Entrepreneur)

If you are going to be dealing with the public, you need to look professional, but you also need to look approachable. Instead of a matched suit in a dark color, try a suit that combines a patterned jacket and a solid skirt. Short sleeves also help to make the look more relaxed and friendly.

Giving a speech? Communicators need color. Choose a streamlined suit in a bold color to add power and presence. Your audience needs to be excited, and this purple Tahari ASL suit will make them alert and interested in what you have to say. Classic pumps in a slightly fun print add personality to your speaker persona.

Helping Profession
Helping Professions – Doctors, Psychologists, social workers, counseling, health care

When you are healing or counseling someone, the last thing you want to look at is cold and intimidating. Whether you are working with patients or meeting with peers, a soft-looking stone-colored suit keeps things feeling calm and relaxed, and in control. Pastels work really well too.  Also, this beautiful white suit, similar to a white doctor’s coat, transmits clean, confident healing energy.

Creatives – Graphic Design, Art, Fashion, Entertainment, Interior Design, Creative Entrepreneur

How do you look creative in a suit? The key is a pattern, color, and unusual details. This hip black and white suit is creative for many reasons: black and white is a dramatic fashion-forward color combination, the fabric blocking makes it very “now”, and the zipper is modern and fun.

Similarly, the artistic suit on the right makes you look twice. The bold purple print and the scalloped edging on the jacket make it a design delight. These are 2 great suits to wear when you have to look business-like,  but you still want to convey your creative side.



Are you in the cosmetics business? Do you own a dating agency, or do you just want to look more feminine at work? Then a suit in a soft blush shade or even red will work great for you. Still, color isn’t everything. The cut of the suit matters too.

Look for suits with soft, curvy lines like the rounded neckline on this pink suit, as well as feminine details, like the ruffle on this red suit. These pretty details will make you look lovely and ladylike.

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2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Business Suit

  1. I like Tahari, but I find all of their skirts to be very short and not appropriate for work. I wish they would have much longer skirts or tall sizes. I am of average height, but this brand does not work for me— eat style and price but is too short.

  2. I have a Tahari blazer that goes with a beautiful floral watercolor dress also by Tahari that is my most professional looking in a creative career. Besides the pattern, the fabric is that scuba fabric with no hems, so when I had to shorten the arms, I just cut the ends with scissors!


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