Poppy Red Perks Up Your Wardrobe This Spring

I recently posted about the newest spring color trends, but there’s one other gorgeous shade I didn’t mention, and that is Poppy Red.  When sexy Crimson meets cheerful orange, you get this stunning poppy red.

poppy red

What type of Red is Poppy Red?

This new hue is on the warm side of red and has a bright, clear quality to it. It looks beautiful as a lipstick, (a poppy red lip is always glamorous and bring you to life), or simply add it to your wardrobe.  In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of poppy red colored jeans.  Now, we’re seeing a lot of poppy red athletic- inspired clothes and shoes, and many modern, simple clean-lined pieces in this chic color.


What Colors Should You Wear With Poppy Red? 

For a bold look – try combining poppy red with other brights like hot pink or electric blue. Color blocking is a good way to do this. You could also go the opposite way and wear it with pastels such as blush or light blue. This creates a very interesting contrast. 

A classic look always works too. Try mixing with neutrals like black, gray, white or taupe


A lot or a little?

How much of this color you wear depends on your personality. You can go all out to make a bold, confident statement – a red dress, for example.


cherry pop

Poppy Red as an Accent

If red makes you feel too out there, you could always stick with the jeans and wear a neutral colored top and add a poppy red bag.

Do you like poppy red? Would you wear it?

Let me know by commenting on this post.


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3 thoughts on “Poppy Red Perks Up Your Wardrobe This Spring

  1. I just bought a poppy colored sheath dress from Nordstrom and I can’t wait to wear it! I’ll wear it with nude color shoes in the summer, and gray shoes in the fall. Thanks for the advice on how to wear poppy red.

  2. Love the poppy red! I wear red fine but some of my blonde friends (I am blonde too) say red isn’t a good color on them . I have blue eyes and love red lipstick but am toning down to pink most of the time now. I would love to see petite style advice & more hair styles that are current beside the bob if there is anything, ha!