Printed Jeans with Tops to Match Your Personality

Fashion is about letting the world know who you are! That’s become a whole lot easier since the arrival of printed jeans. This spring, there’s a printed jean for every personality type. Take a look at these popular prints with tops and see which one best expresses the real you!

Floral Jeans For Feminine Gals

Print Jeans- White Floral

No two printed jeans are alike. Each has a unique vibe. For example, these pretty white jeans have a dainty yellow and blue floral print that is soft, gentle, and quite traditional looking. These are the perfect jeans when you want to express sweetness and femininity.

If you paired these jeans with an equally sweet, feminine top, your outfit wouldn’t look as modern. You can have too much of a good thing. So what we have done here is balance the feminine jeans out by pairing them with a soft but more masculine chambray shirt. By rolling up the cuffs, you get an effortlessly chic look!


Striped Jeans for Bold Types

Print Jeans - Striped

These eye-catching striped printed jeans are bold and dramatic (and a little sporty too!) They’re for the gal who wants to be seen and make a strong statement. These jeans look great when they are worn with a simple white tee.

You don’t want something loud or busy up top when you have such commanding stripes on the bottom. Gray suede slip-on sneakers and a gray backpack bag give a sporty, relaxed vibe.


Animal Print Jeans To Look Sexy

Print Jeans - sexy animal print

Animal prints like leopard or cheetah are always edgy and give these cropped jeans a very sexy vibe. A peplum top adds a feminine touch. If you are a gal on the prowl, these jeans are for you. Black and gold always look sophisticated with animal print!

Wave Print Jeans for Classic Types

Print Jeans - blue and white

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These cute light wash jeans with the beachy wave print are great for the gal who wants a classic look with a twist. A white top lets these jeans be the star of the outfit. A tan bag and shoes keep the look natural and classic.

Now, over to you. Which is your favorite? Can you guess mine?

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  1. I think I’ll pass on the different patterned jeans. They are not for me. The stripes are really awful.

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