Sheer Magic: Tips to Wear The Translucent Trend

Sheer fabric fashion looks fabulous on the runway…  floaty see-through blouses, tops, dresses, and skirts with edgy sheer panels. They’re really quite dreamy.



But with these runway fashions so barely there, you might be wondering can the average woman really wear this trend? Here are 4 ways it can work for real women at any age.


sheer-polka-dot top

1.  Layer With Tank or Cami 

For theatrical effect designers showed models in very sheer tops sans undershirts, but of course, this isn’t practical in the real world. So all you have to do to get the translucent look without going totally see-through is to layer a cami or tank underneath.

A nude cami in a skin tone closest to your skin color will do the trick. You can also match the color of the cami to the color of your blouse or choose something bright like vivid blue or red to add an extra bit of oomph! The best tanks or camis have a lot of stretch to hold you in and shape your body, so you get a flattering silhouette under your sheer top.

2.  Wear Sheer Strategically

An all sheer blouse or top is only one way to get the look this season. An easier way to wear sheer is to don a garment that is only partially sheer. For example, if you want to cover up your chest and tummy but don’t mind showing your arms, then a top with sheer sleeves only would do the trick.

3. Try Panels

Another variation of wearing sheer strategically is to choose something with peek-a-boo panels. A dress, skirts, or top with translucent panels has strong lines and a sleek look that’s perfect for the futuristic feel of spring. See my post on how to wear a sheer panel top. 

4.  Opt for a Sheer Overlay

Clothing with sheer overlays that reveal only a little are also popular. Why not try a shirt with a floaty overlay that is sheer from the knee down only, or how about a top that’s sheer from the waist down or the hip down. Showing a little skin is youthful, and the sheer trend styled appropriately makes it easy to look fab tastefully.

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12 thoughts on “Sheer Magic: Tips to Wear The Translucent Trend

  1. Absolutely loving this blog..I think the sheer black spotty top with the blue trousers looks amazing and definitely something I would wear and also the next outfit .i am new to your site and am really enjoying all the style tips…I manage a boutique and run styling sessions with my lovely ladies and never tire of looking out for other tips and ideas…I will certainly be recommending your site :)…

  2. Hi Deb,
    I love the sheer tops. I like every outfit featured. It’s a pleasure to be over 40 and have chic, edgy fun fashions you’ve featured. Do you think It would be safe to wear sheer tops with cami for work under a blazer. I’ve been thinking about this I’ve been wanting put various colors together especially when it comes to out fits paring various colors together with different color shoes other than black, or beige. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again for all that you do to bring these beautiful fashion forward ideas. Keep them coming.

    Thank you,
    Stay fabulous!!!!

  3. could you show how larger ladies over 40 can look nice…………….thanks I am talking uk size 16

  4. LOVED this post!! I really like this sheer trend but didn’t know exactly how I could wear it this spring and summer. Many thanks for all the great ideas! I always know where to go online for the best up to date fashion and beauty tips for my age range…right here! I’ve been visiting for years and so appreciate all you do to make it the BEST over 40 site on the web! :-)

    1. Hi Trish,
      You are so sweet. I can’t tell you how much that means to me that you enjoy my site because there is a lot of heart and soul, plus a ton of work that goes into the blog. I would love to know what else you would love to see on Fabulous After 40. Are there any topics or types of features you would like. I want to make sure my readers are getting what they need. Everyone is welcome to suggest. Thanks so much!! Cheers, Deborah

  5. I love, love, love the sheer polka dot blouse in the first set. Where can I purchase this blouse–(the link shows a different blouse that is sold out already)? Thanks!

  6. I love the sheer trend, it is so flowing and feminine. It does however as you suggest require appropriate underclothing at any age not just us over 40s. Even the peeks boo tops need to be worn with caution as they too move around and can still be revealing especially in the midriff and bust area. Tasteful trumps trendy.

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