12 Sensational Color Trends of Spring & Summer 2020

Spring 2020 is all about bright, saturated colors that stimulate your senses and energize you like a strong cup of coffee!  These sensational colors range from fiery red to deep blue and coral pink. When paired together, they create some very vibrant, optimistic color combinations.


According to Pantone, the new spring shades are being touted as friendly and relatable and have elements of humor, entertainment, and modernity. Here’s a look at the top 12 standout hues.


1.  Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet is a fiery red, which means it is on the warm, more slightly more orange side of red. This bold hue is confident and powerful, and even a little goes a long way.


2.  Saffron

Mustard has been popular all winter, and with spring comes Saffron, a close sister color. It’s also warm and slightly exotic.


3. Classic Blue

Classic blue is calm and deep like an evening sky. This is Pantone’s color of the year so that you will see it a lot!


4.  Chive

Chive is a healthy, restorative green inspired by our focus on the environment.


5.  Biscay Green

An aqua shade connected to cleansing waters, Biscay Green cools and refreshes.


6.  Faded Denim

Who would have thought that washed blue that looks surprisingly great with brights, but it does?


7.  Orange Peel

Orange is playful and fun, making this tart tangerine shade perfect for summer.


8.  Mosaic Blue

Mix blue and green, and you get this teal-ish shade of blue.


9.  Sunlight

This light yellow is soft but saturated.


10.  Coral Pink

This is my favorite of the Spring 2020 colors. It’s a softer version of Living Coral – last year’s color of the year.


11.  Cinnamon Stick

Sweet and spicy. This is typically a fall color, so it makes an interesting spring color.


12.  Grape Compote

This is more mellow than true purple and comes in a range of shades, from light to dark.


There many ways to combine these new colors. I’m excited about classic blue with coral pink. Look at this room below and imagine how this color combo would translate into an outfit.

Classic Blue Color of the Year

If you prefer a more toned-down look, no problem. Just mix one of the new spring colors with one of these neutrals.

The 2020 classics, the season’s core hues are:

spring 2020 colors

  • Lark: a warm, understated khaki
  • Navy Blazer: an authoritative deep blue
  • Brilliant White: clean and crisp, always right for summer
  • Ash: an eternally timeless midtown gray


Here are some of the new colors combined in a single piece of clothing.


How do all these colors translate into outfits? Check back next week to see my post on How to put together an Outfit with Spring’s Trendy New Colors!

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