How to Wear Florals in Fall and Winter: 5 Tips to Get it Right

Wearing floral prints in spring and summer feels natural and always looks lovely, but is it o.k. to wear florals in Fall and winter?

Yes! Just make sure to do it the right way! Here are five tips to help you bloom in floral prints year-round.

dark floral dress with black background and purple, white flowers


1. Switch from Light Florals to Dark Florals

Florals were once reserved for spring and summer, but now you can wear them anytime.  When September arrives, simply switch from light florals to dark florals to look season-appropriate and chic.

Dark florals work well in fall and winter because they are moodier, edgier, and more serious than light, sweet summer florals.

When dark florals started trending several years ago, they were rather dull and faded-looking, like they belonged in a funeral parlor!

Thankfully they’ve evolved, and become much more lively. There’s more choice of dark background colors ( navy, plum, burgundy, in addition to black), and the flowers are lighter and more saturated. There’s a dark floral for everyone!

Red floral print blouse with jeans

Dark floral tops with jeans are also a great way to transition into fall.

Red and Black Floral Wrap Dress

2.  Choose Modern Florals and Simple Styles

When it comes to winter florals, you never want to look like you’re wearing your grandma’s chintz curtains. Look for classy, not kitschy, patterns with sophisticated blooms, artsy florals, and botanical themes in rich, deep colors like burgundy, teal, and plum.

Simple, streamlined cuts with minimal detail are also modern. For example, this lovely wrap dress is dark but not dreary. It’s a clean, unfussy wrap style with elegant sleeves and a simple ruffle at the hem. Less is more.



Fall Floral print - Navy Velvet Dress

3. Wear Richer Fabrics

Spring florals come in light, floaty fabrics, and some tend to stick around in the fall. But also look for richer, more substantial fabrics that are more season-appropriate and look gorgeous in a floral print.

For example, this luxurious velvet wrap dress with perfectly placed poppies is beautiful and charming. Wear it with Oxblood sandals and a blush bag, and you have a chic look that transitions you into cooler weather.



This striking floral sweater is another perfect example of dark florals  ( dark green and plum mixed with some brights) in cashmere for cooler months.



4. Consider Scale

Another thing to think about when choosing a dark floral print is scale.

If you are petite, a huge floral or a floral print with the florals spaced wide apart will overwhelm your frame. You can stick to small or medium floral prints to look your best. Plus size? Avoid teenie flowers, which only exaggerate your larger size.

5. Accessorize Wisely

Winter florals are bold and command attention, so neutral accessories are the most elegant way to wear them. I’ve kept things classy and let the flowers do the talking by styling this beautiful wrap dress with simple black slingbacks and a sleek black shoulder bag.

One note of caution: Do not mix floral accessories with floral prints unless you want to look like an overgrown garden.

dark floral dress with black background and purple, white flowers

How to Style Dark Floral Dresses for Fall and Winter

  • Alone with dark fall accessories
  • With a long cardigan or duster for a cozy fall look
  • With a dark fall blazer for a chic Fall outfit
  • Tall boots in suede or leather add to the Fall/winter vibe

The Final word on Wearing Florals in Fall and Winter

Just because you are heading into fall and winter doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing floral dresses and tops. Florals are for everyone all the time and are gorgeous way to add life to your fall and winter wardrobe.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think dark florals are glamorous or too gloomy for your taste? Have you worn them? How and where?

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear Florals in Fall and Winter: 5 Tips to Get it Right

  1. I love the Winter florals with longer sleeves and lengths. Perfect with leggings. Black/flowers are big this Winter. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Dark florals have always been my favorite because of their versatility and sophistication. They work well to punch up cold-weather outfits, yet they’re easy to wear in warm weather by pulling a pastel or bright tone out of print. You’re right about getting the pattern scale right for your frame. It’s essential to look at the background color versus the way. Your examples show a clear “ground” between the pattern elements. That’s the path the eye will follow, and often the clearer the way, the better it will shape your figure.
    For fall, I’ve added a tunic with an oversized burgundy and rose watercolor floral print, dark gray, burgundy, and blush floral jeans, and a short-sleeve knit sheath dress in black, olive, plum, and turquoise.

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