Casual Fashion Looks I Wore this Summer

How do you dress casually but look fashionable too? Here’s a roundup of a few cute looks taken straight from my Instagram this summer.

v neck pink dress

Easy Breezy Summer Dress

A feminine silhouette and a stunning geranium color make this cute sundress perfect for my relaxed lifestyle. Chunky sandals with gold studs add a touch of glam. You can see more of this dress in this feature post.


lace knit jacket

Lace Knit Jacket

How many times have you wished you had a cute little jacket to go over the top of a tank top and jeans. This lace knit top by Picadilly Canada is perfect for breezy summer days.


citrus blouse green jeans2

Lemon Twist

Here’s a top that was a bit hit on Instagram. Many of my readers seemed to think this lemony top was super sweet, not sour! To see the total look, check out my blog post on this citrus outfit.

taupe flowy top on pier

Flowy Chic

Yes, you can be casual and elegant at the same time. This flowy chiffon tunic worn with cream jeans, blush suede sandals and a pebbled clutch is super dreamy and rich.

blue top and crop jeans

Cute Capris

Looking for a cute and casual outfit to putter around in while you are gardening or hanging out in the backyard? This darling pair of frayed cropped capris and cloud blue textured tee is a fab find. Also from Picadilly Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Casual Fashion Looks I Wore this Summer

  1. I wish I could find a book with fashionable trendy styles for women in Hijab. It’s so difficult for me cos the blazers or tops are too short( must cover the buttocks and crotch) or the sleeves are too short(must cover the elbow) or the lovely sexy dresses are too short(must cover the calves)…and because I’m short, I dont have much of choice. Please help. I am 1,55m in height, and I am a size 36(12) in the UK

    1. Hi Afsana,
      I’m sorry, I don’t know of any sites off the bat with style for women in Hijab. Still, I just did a quick google search of “modest stylish clothing” and “fashionable modest clothing,” and there seem to bemany blogse on the subject, so I would check those out as they often make recommendations. If I find a suitable site, I will let you know.

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