Fall & Winter Coats That Will Have You Excited for Cold Weather

I hate the cold as much as the next person, but a beautiful fall coat helps ease the transition. This fall, there are some real beauties to get excited about!

Here is a guide to the newest fall and winter coats that will have you excited about a nip in the air and the cool wind blowing against your cheeks.

fall coats for women

1.  Colorful Cloth Coats

We’re going into winter, but it feels like spring with all the bold, brightly colored coats and jackets we’re seeing lately. From hot pink to turquoise, lavender, and yellow, it’s like a spring garden in a snowstorm. These colors are happy, energetic, and youthful. Keep them in mind when shopping for fall coats for women’s fall coats!


2.  Fab Shearlings

If you want a way to look stylish and feel cozy, then shearling coats and jackets are right on-trend. From shearling trimmed utility coats to full length, full-on shearling, this type of fall and winter coat will have you looking as cute as a lamb.

3.  Capes and Ponchos

Add some drama to a casual look with a big, gorgeous cape or poncho. This is the ideal kind of outerwear for right now, and think how cute you’re going to look at Thanksgiving.

4.  Puffy Parkas

Time for a new parka? Don’t wait until the first snowflake falls. Parkas have come a long way over the years, and the latest ones for fall are sleek and fashion-forward. The new streamlined shapes help define your waist. So much better than looking like the Michelin Man.

5.  Statement Coats

Revealing the true you via clothes is what what style is all about, it’s easy to do that with fall fashion coats that make a statement. There are lots of  trendy fall coats for every personality, from bold shoulder 80’s style coats with peaked lapels to plaid belted duster coats, and  more.

6.  Short Car Coats

Even in the dead of winter, there are times when less coat is more. Maybe you live in or are traveling to a mild climate, and that’s all the coat you need. Or maybe you’re running from the house to the car to the mall, and you don’t want to overheat in a heavy coat. For situations like those, reach for a short, lightweight coat like this placket front wool car coat.

7.  Leather Coats

Soft buttery leathers in gorgeous autumn shades are always a hit this time of year. The latest new color is teal. As for styles, yes moto jackets still rule, but you will find lots of other interesting shapes like  and there are many more shapes

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2 thoughts on “Fall & Winter Coats That Will Have You Excited for Cold Weather

  1. I’m with you on the warm bottom. It’s something you really appreciate if you have to sit down on a bench outdoors or in a hockey arena

    The new down coats really have come a long way. I like them for warmth without weight. They’re my only choice once the snow falls.

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