5 Ways To Look Modern in Floral Dresses Over 40

Even if you’re not big on floral prints, you really need to take a second look at them this season. There are loads of pretty floral dresses for women over 40 that have real  flower power, and will make you look modern, hip and 10 years younger!

What am I talking about? Today’s florals are nothing like the tiny, traditional, pastel floral prints that often come to mind. This year we’re seeing big, bold buds in bright hues that are feminine and in charge.

Recently I posted some ideas for how to wear the new floral prints. 

Tammy, one of my readers who is also a fashion blogger in South Florida, has embraced the look and sent in some photos.

Here’s a peek at her beautiful wardrobe that’s as pretty as a spring garden, along with 5 tips to help you look hip in florals.

how to wear the new floral prints

how to wear the new floral prints

Tip #1 – Try a Floaty Floral in a  Vivid Shade

Solids all the time can get boring. A pattern like this adds interest to your clothes and gives  personality to your look.

Here’s the secret to the modern mix: Feminine shape and fabric + strong, intense color, that’s a winning combo.

high contrast, black and red floral circle skirt dress

high contrast, black and red floral circle skirt dress

Tip # 2 – The Higher the Contrast the More Playful the Print

If you want to look more serious, then choose a floral print that’s tone on tone. However, if you want to give off a  more fun vibe, then strong contrast is the key.

Tammy’s high contrast, black and red floral circle skirt dress makes her look like she’s ready for a very fun time ahead! Who says you can’t wear strapless after 40!

soft graphic print

soft graphic print

Tip # 3 – Fake a Floral

If you like your florals subtle then this skirt is a good way to go. At first glance it looks like a floral print, but up close it’s more of soft graphic print.

It’s has that modern edge and with the design just at the bottom of the skirt, it’s very easy to wear.

A jacket added to a floral print dress

A jacket added to a floral print dress

Tip # 4 –  Add a Jacket for Credibility

Depending on where you work you may be hesitant to wear a floral print dress. It may not be business-like enough especially if you work in a very corporate environment, or in finance or law.

If you are comfortable wearing  a floral to work, but you’d like the option to  make it look a little more authoritative, then just add a jacket.

A jacket added to a floral print dress gives you structure and makes you look more serious and powerful.

Floral patterns

Floral patterns

Tip # 5 –  Match Your Floral to Your Frame

Floral patterns need to be in sync with your size and scale. If you are fairly tall or slim you can get away with small or big florals. If you are short and petitie- don’t wear large flowers because they can  overwhelm your small frame.

Tammy has done a great job adding a sweater in the same color as her dress. The matching sweater co-ordinates with her dress and makes her look taller and slimmer.

Do you like floral dresses? Have you bought one yet.  Send me a photo and I’ll post it.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas on Florals – some great ideas for my guests at my upcoming Launch Cocktail party – always nice to have some fresh fashion suggestions for a mature and classy crowd.