3 Fresh Ways to Dress Up a Simple Striped T-Shirt

I always have a couple of cute striped t-shirts hanging in my closet because I love the way stripes give casual outfits a sporty, youthful vibe.   Stripes are considered a classic and pretty much a neutral too because they can be worn with just about everything.

striped tops

Here are 3 cute striped spring tees, and some popular “now” ways to mix and match them.

Striped t-shirt worn with pink jacket and black jeans Pink Blazer

1) Stripes with a Bright Pop of Color is Fun

Since stripes are considered a neutral backdrop to an outfit, most of us are used to wearing them with other neutral shades like white, black or navy. But a newer way to style stripes is to wear them is with bright, bold colors.  Here’s how to do it.

Start with an all black base of black cropped pants, chic black shoes and a black and white striped top. Then toss on a color jacket or sweater like this darling hot-pink jacket and add a colorful bag like this bright blue shoulder purse. The outfit instantly looks dressier and a whole lot more fun. After a long winter, I love the way bright colors give a little lift to this classic look. A black or white tee would have also looked fine, but the stripes add energy and life.

Fashion for women over 40: Quilted vest and white jeans

2) Stripes + A Touch of Leopard Looks Cool

Leopard and stripes? Oh yes, it’s totally in, and a very easy way for you to bring a little pizzaz to your basic striped t-shirt.  The style recipe goes as follows: Start with white cropped jeans, always a spring and summer favorite, and add this super flattering striped navy and white t-shirt.

A quilted vest is perfect in early spring when it’s still chilly out, and the layering gives the outfit a very sporty look. Next, add a neutral bag and a pair of cute leopard print shoes. d’Orsay flats up the look by revealing the sides of your feet and the leopard print adds a touch of excitement.

The reason leopard print works? Like stripes, it’s neutral, which means you can combine it with pretty much everything!

Fashion for women over 40: floral skirt

3) Stripes  & Florals = Modern and Hip

Stripes and florals are two classic prints,  and when you put the two together, the result is pretty, unexpected and youthful. Now, mixing prints isn’t for the faint of heart, so I recommend you take things slowly.

Pick one key piece, like this dark floral skirt, to really stand out then make your other print play a supporting act. I’ve done that here with a simple striped t-shirt in soft gray. Keep accessories neutral. If the weather is still chilly where you are, definitely go ahead and swap out the nude shoe for a black boot or bootie. This is a perfect look for that transitional period between late winter and early spring.

How do you wear a striped t-shirt? More cute striped tees here.

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16 thoughts on “3 Fresh Ways to Dress Up a Simple Striped T-Shirt

  1. What do you do if you don’t look good in horizontal stripes at all no matter what width all it seems to do is make one look wider all over. Can you do some ideas with Vertical stripes also?

  2. Love colored jeans with stripes. Holy moly! I had read somewhere not to even consider the colored skinny jean trend if you were over 40 -nonsense. I am on my way to Naples fla for two months and have been doing a dress rehearsal, but there is nothing in my suitcase that looks that good!

    I just went to a party and was too nervous to wear jeggings. Thought I would be the only one wearing them. Instead, I was one of the few who wasn’t.

    My new years resolution is “if it looks good wear it!”.

  3. Love it! Especially the stripes with the jeans. I’d toss on a leopard scarf and a cardi instead of the jacket.

  4. Stripes are my favorite! I think I have 30 pieces of clothing with stripes! I love the way you put the outfits together!

  5. OMG! I so bought this top the week following Thanksgiving and first wore it on a long weekend trip to NYC (my 1st) and got so many comments/compliments. I wore it with a gray deep V short sleeve sweater, skinny jeans tucked into gray boots, turquoise scarf & black/silver jewelry.

  6. Bravo Deborah . . . . these are great (and affordable) tips. Thanks for sharing . . . BTW love the necklace where is it from?

  7. I just have to say, this is adorable! My mind would have only went as far as the jeans. But you all are helping me to think a little bit more outside the box with some small touches that make a difference. Limited funds. But just a teensy bit more creative. Baby steps. I recently took the train to my brothers in New England for Christmas and with things that i learned from you, I put together an outfit that I would not otherwise have thought of or worn. I guess being on the train away from home helped a bit as well, made me a little braver. I had a dress that I have not worn much of b/c it is a bit short (for me) and I didn’t feel comfortable in it. It is brown and cream with a geometric type pattern. So with what I have learned from you all, I said hmmm, I think I’ll throw on some black tights with that and wear my casual boots with buckles that are tan color and come to mid shin. I looked for and found a brown marled long sweater with a shawl collar and a satin ribbon tie closure–on sale for $20 (originally $48) at Sears, which my sister-in-law bought me as a Christmas present! And voila, I had a really creative outfit that I felt comfortable in for travel–stylish, and just a little edgy and fashion forward. I wore the outfit on Christmas day and my sister-in-law loved it. I decided to wear it home on the train. I had to smile b/c I had a huge suitcase I couldn’t lift overhead and I had several gentleman helpers who were assisting me, one gentleman even carried my suitcase off the train for me and offered to carry it down into the station. When you take time to look nice and respect yourself and feel confident, It causes others to respond to you pleasantly and respectfully as well. At any rate, it made my day. smile. Thanks for the tips and tricks you share with us that are especially helpful when the funds are low or non-existent. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Loretta, What a wonderful story!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Now, your story might inspire others! That’s how it goes..we just keep passing all this great info along for others to “tweak” and do their own thing! You are so right about feeling good about yourself and one part of that is dressing a little nicer. It will give you confidence and others will see that and respect it. Happy New Year to you too!

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