5 Tips for Overcoming a Boring Sense of Style

It sneaks up on all of us. You think you’re dressing like everyone else, then one day you look around and realize modern-day style has moved on without you while you remain stuck in the same old, boring fashion zone you’ve been for years, leaving you looking older than you need to and totally out of touch.

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But how do you update your look without running out and buying a bunch of new clothes willy, nilly? If you’re stuck in a style rut, here are 5 easy tips to overcome a boring sense of style and help you get noticed for the delicious dynamo you are.

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1) Trailblaze a Path to your Inner Style

First, you must be open to change now, not 10 pounds from now. Finding clothes that fit the body you are currently sporting is important, and it helps improve self-esteem.

Next, do your research. Look around for inspiration. Do you know someone who always seems pulled together and looks great? Please take note of what she has on and shop for something similar. Pinterest and Instagram are also great places to go for inspiration. Or, check out my Style Blazers series.

If you feel out of touch and don’t want to end up looking like your 14-year-old daughter or 90-year-old grandmother, then hire a personal stylist to help show you which current styles would look best on your body type. If it is not in your budget, try asking a friend whose style you admire to go with you or see what services are available at your local mall. Many stores offer free or low-cost personal shopping services.

Finally, another fun way to discover your style personality is to take a quiz.


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2) Shop Somewhere New

If you’re still shopping at the same stores, in the same departments, why not shake things up a bit? Step out of your comfort zone and try shopping somewhere new. Small boutique stores tend to carry the most current styles and updated merchandise. They also carry small designer brands, so you’re more likely to look unique in your new outfit when you buy something.

The chances are that even if you spend a bit more than you’re used to, you will find something you love and adore, which means you’ll wear it many more times than just another cheap, boring item from the sale rack. I like to call this price per wear. If you take the amount you spend on an item and divide it by the number of times you wear it; it can justify the original expense.

For example, you may find a funky faux fur vest at a local boutique. Try pairing it with some jeans to run around town in. This one-piece may be a bit more expensive than what you would normally pay, but if you absolutely fall in love with it, you will wear it frequently, and it will be worth the price.

Try to avoid buying sale items that end up hanging in your closet with the tags still on them. Sale tags can woo you to buy an item you don’t necessarily love and adore and then never wear. It’s always better to hold off and find that next special piece, even if it is full price.

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3) Stop Trying to Blend In 

This is the time to sizzle, not fade away. Why not shake things up and shoot some color into your wardrobe? This spring, you’ll see lots of bright and cheery hues vying for your attention, like Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet. Color is an easy way to add some much-needed punch to your closet. Even if you love black, with just a dash of color from a new spring top, purse, shoes, or scarf, you can go from dull to dashing in an instant.

However, buyer beware! Not all colors look good on all people. A good rule of thumb is that the color should not wash you out or be so loud that it outshines you.  When in doubt, drape the item near your face and analyze how it complements your hair, eyes, and complexion. Does it fade, stick out or flow? Still not sure? Learn everything you need to know about using color to look your best in my eBook, Color Me Fabulous.

4) Don’t Fear Letting Go

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome can be with all those clothes stuffed in your closet. It’s time to pull up your bootstraps, roll up your sleeves and get rid of all those old, boring, tired, and ill-fitting things. Most women have a closet full of clothes they don’t like or never wear. If you remove those items out of your closet, you’ll have a much better idea of what you really need to buy to keep your closet fresh and inspired! Not sure where to start? You’ll find some great tips here.

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5) Get on Track with a New Hairstyle  

If you are still sporting a style that you’ve had for the last 15 years, it’s time for a change. Period. You can buy the latest clothes and accessories, but if your hairstyle is dated, you will look dated.

Your first step is to make an appointment with a reputable hair salon. Ask to book a consultation with one of the top stylists. It might take a few weeks to get a space, but it will be worth the wait. Don’t be shy about going for some color and a new cut or style. If you’ve been sporting a short look for a while, it might be time to let your hair down and grow it out! Or if your hair is dragging you down, just a few inches longer can make a huge difference.

You can rev up your wardrobe and start dressing with more flair and pizzazz with a little effort. It’s about finding a style that reflects the inner you. Dress like you are a force to be reckoned with and see if you’re not feeling bolder and more stylish each day. Have fun!

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Overcoming a Boring Sense of Style

  1. At a very youthful 62, I’m sick and tired of wearing a “uniform.” The uniform is either shorts in hot weather or jeans in cool, simple close-fitting but colorful T-shirts or turtlenecks (again weather dependent) for casual dress, and trousers with over-blouses to hide a little tummy–all very functional and deadly boring!

    I have an hour-glass shape, 5′ 7″, about 135 pounds. Hipster stuff doesn’t work on me because I have a waist and need to show it. I shop in second-hand clothing street markets in Nairobi, where I can find a lot of (desiger label) merchandise at very reasonable prices, sometimes new but usually used, and I can sew to make alterations.

    Still, I’m having a hard time finding a look that really suits me, a look I feel not only comfortable wearing but can know that I look great. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me!

    1. Hi Dena,
      You are not alone in your plight! An hour glass shape is one of the best ones to have but alas is one of the hardest to fit! You are really fortunate that you can alter your clothes because buying things off the rack will usually be a fit challenge. There are several ideas we have for you. One is that your hair style and glasses are “sporty” one so you will want to make sure you are dressing in harmony with that. We love your grey hair and you should be able to use lots of wonderful color in your wardrobe! You might be interested in a wonderful program called, Dressing Your Truth, for in depth style suggestions. Good luck!

      1. I completely agree about the Dressing program. I signed up back when you had to pay, but I believe the discovery course is now free. That combined with the ideas on this site have helped me a ton!

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