5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Being the Mother of the Bride should be one of the most exciting times in your life, but if you are worried about what to wear, it can also be one of the most stressful. Here are 5 style tips to put your mind at ease and help you choose a Mother of the Bride dress that will make you feel confident and look fabulous.

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1. Consider the Formality of the Event

Is the wedding a huge, formal event with the reception at a luxurious hotel or hall? Or, is it small and low-key with close family and friends enjoying dinner afterward at a small venue or favorite restaurant?

The larger and more formal the wedding, the more upscale your dress should be. For example, a long-beaded gown is appropriate for an elegant, formal wedding but looks out of place at an intimate, casual wedding.

Knowing the wedding’s size, formality, and the theme will help guide your dress shopping.

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2. Stay within the Bridal Color Palette

Color is key. The Mother of the Bride should stand out, but not too much, although you certainly don’t want to fade into the background either.

There will be a lot of photos taken, so be sure the color of your dress co-ordinates with the wedding party. For example, you can wear one shade lighter or darker than the bridesmaids or wear a color that contrasts with the bridesmaids.

A bride puts a lot of thought into her wedding palette, so be sure to consult with her first about what color she envisions you wearing.


3. Choose a Figure-Flattering Dress

At one time, there was a very limited range of MOB dresses, and many were shapeless and frumpy. But now, there’s so much choice, it’s easy to find the perfect dress to flatter your figure and make you look modern.

Ruching is a wonderful way to hide a tummy. Sheer sleeves cover arms when you feel self-conscious, and an embellished neckline shifts the emphasis from a heavy bottom half up to your pretty face.


mother of the bride dress silver dress

4. Comfort Counts

It’s going to be a long day, and you’ll be on your feet welcoming guests. Be sure your dress doesn’t rub, pinch, and that it has some stretch so you can breathe!

Avoid shoes that are too high, tight, or flimsy, and be sure to work them in before the wedding. Confidence is key on this special day. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show on your face.


5. Stay True to Your Style

Stick to your style and personality as much as you can. If you typically wear classic, understated dresses, don’t go overboard with something flowy, bright, and sparkly. A simple lace sheath dress might be your perfect choice.

If pants feel more like you, pair some lovely separates to create a gorgeous Mother of the Bride outfit. Remember, you will look your most beautiful and stylish when your Mother of the Bride dress reflects the real you

Deciding what to wear to the wedding isn’t something you need to fret about. Follow these simple tips to find the perfect Mother of the Bride Dress that will make you feel like a Queen.

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