What Asymmetrical Tunic Tops with Leggings Can Do For You!

Sometimes all you need to liven up your wardrobe is to look at it from a fresh, new angle! Asymmetrical tops and tunics let you do just that. These trendy off-kilter tops and tunics have become fashionable to wear because they have a lot to offer. For example:

asymmetric striped tunic and leggings


  • Asymmetrical Tunic Tops Have an Artsy Vibe: Even the most conservative of us have days when we want to look a little more creative. An asymmetrical tunic top tunic worn over leggings is a  subtle way to express the artsy side of your personality.


  • Easy to Style: Whether your asymmetrical top is slanted across the front, side or back, it makes a strong style statement. You don’t need to wear much else to look stylish, except for a pair of black leggings.


  • Youthful: When you look slightly edgy, you look modern, and that translates into youthful. Notice, I’m not saying young- none of us wants to look like a teenager, but youthful (vibrant) is excellent. An asymmetrical top with leggings ( especially leather leggings ) makes you look more youthful than if you wore jeans and a conservative button-up shirt.


  • Slimming: Bonus! Asymmetrical tops with their uneven hemlines draw the eye upward, creating a long, lean line that makes you look tall and slender. Plus, these tops flow, which helps camouflage any belly bulge beautifully. For gals who love to wear color, a color-blocked asymmetric tunic to help sculpt your figure. Visit my post on color-blocked dresses to learn how this works.


  • Asymmetric Tunic Tops are Comfy: I’m a stickler for comfort, but I also want to look chic. An asymmetrical top with leggings is an outfit I can wear sitting at my computer when I go out to dinner, or shopping- you name it. It feels good. It’s casual, classy, and comfortable.

You can even wear an asymmetrical top with a jacket if you want even more of an edgier vibe. Just keep the jacket within the same tonal range as the top, so you don’t come off looking like a  colorful chopped-up puzzle. Here are 3 Asymmetrical tops and tunics that are trending right now and fresh new ways to style them.

Leopard Print Asymmetrical Tunic Top with Riding Boots

1.  Mixed Media Asymmetric Top

Some of the artsiest asymmetric tops combine mixed patterns, fabrics, and prints. For example, this top above combines leopard print with a floral print with an asymmetrical dotted hemline. This funky asymmetrical top worn with classic riding boots and a structured tote to balance the top is a sophisticated, old-money look. This outfit pops, and you will look like one chic mama.


Asymmetrical tops for women

2.  Asymmetrical Handkerchief Hem Tunic

Sometimes an Asymmetric top has asymmetry front and center like we see n this handkerchief hem top. Wear this outfit, as is, for a slightly artsy look, or crank up the creativity by adding funky jewelry or some layering pieces. To see how to make an asymmetric top and leggings outfit look artsier, check out this post.


Gray Asymmetrical Sweater Leather Leggings

3.  Long Sweater with Asymmetrical Hemline

This cozy sweater tunic with the modern mock neckline is another great look. Since this sweater has plenty of texture, try pairing it with some sleek black faux leather leggings for a beautiful contrast. Play up the edgy vibe with these cool stitched boots and a fab leather bag with lots of hardware.

Are you a fan of asymmetrical tops or tunics worn with leggings? Let me know how you wear them and which of these outfits you like best.

Take a look at these slightly off-kilter favorites that pair so perfectly with leggings.

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6 thoughts on “What Asymmetrical Tunic Tops with Leggings Can Do For You!

  1. I had always been a stylish dresser in my younger days until I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis in my lower back. Little by little, the slipped disc caused a very noticeable S curve that made my stomach and backside protrude more than they should have. I was not happy with anything I put on. It just didn’t look right. These new styles have helped me look better and feel better about myself.

    1. Hi Norma, Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you have found something that works for you. I understand how your condition must make it challenging and how frustrating that can be. Asymmetrical tunics also give a modern and creative look, so that’s a bonus! All the best, Take care, Deb.

  2. I’m curious about your recommendation for an asymmetrical top with a jacket. Would you post a picture of an example of this look? Thanks!

  3. Hi, I love this website and the asymmetric top with leggings looks.

    May I ask if you have a favorite brand for high-rise petite leggings which are the best for my body shape, which is a bit longer in the body and shorter in the legs? I find it hard to find leggings that fit in length.



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