What’s New in Eyelet Tops, Dresses & Pants for Summer

Eyelet tops, dresses, and pants have long been considered girly, sweet, and a tad old fashioned; not exactly the kind of vibe you are after if you’re 40+. But more recently, eyelet has grown up.

eyelet top-cream-Deborah Boland

It has morphed into something more modern, mature like this pretty cream eyelet tee I’m wearing. Sometimes it can even little bit edgy. Here’s what makes eyelet different and new.

eyelet dresses 2019

Eyelet Dresses, Tops Take on New Shapes

Did you wear an eyelet dress when you were a little girl? Was it white, and full with a big pink ribbon? …How things have changed! Now, thanks to crisp, laser-cut patterns and body-skimming shapes, eyelet lace dresses are more grown up and sophisticated.

eyelet dress - white

We’re seeing a lot of simple, clean shapes and minimal detail, with the only focus on the eyelet itself. Instead of looking childish, the newest eyelet dresses and tops look chic.

Eyelet Cutouts Have Evolved

This summer, you’ll find eyelet holes in all shapes and sizes. There are round, square, oval, rectangular, diamond and floral cutouts forming intricate patterns all over, or eyelet blocking on sleeves, waists, and hemlines of clothing. You’ll also notice more sizes of eyelet holes, from tiny pinholes to large cutouts. All these new details come together to form eyelet pieces that are truly works of art.

Eyelet - Bubble Sleeve Blouse

Solid color eyelet dresses and tops will always be popular, but the latest fashion favorite is eyelet print clothing. You’ll find colorful eyelet floral print dresses, eyelet pinstripe tops, and more.

Eyelet - Blue Dress

Colored Eyelet is Modern

White Eyelet is classic, but colored eyelet is fashion-forward. I think these are some of the prettiest eyelet dresses out there and they range from mocha to lavender, coral, yellow and bright blue.

eyelet clothing

Eyelet Has Become Sportier

Another thing you’ll notice about eyelet is that it has gone from being romantic to sporty because of the influence of the sporty chic look. You’ll find eyelet jeans, tanks, and crisp, sporty tops in full-on eyelet or with a few eyelet highlights.

eyelet sandal

More Choice of Eyelet Accessories

From laser cut sandals to bags and belts, eyelet accessories are a great way to add a touch of the trend into your wardrobe without going all the way.

Eyelet - Navy Pants

You’ll find everything from loose linen pants with eyelet trim to sporty white jeans with edgy eyelet cutouts. The key with this look- make sure your shoes aren’t so busy they overpower. You want the lace trim on your pants to take center stage!

eyelet pencil skirt

Eyelet Goes to Work

At one time eyelet was considered too sweet to wear to work, but darker colors and bolder cuts make it modern and powerful. Take this black laser cut pencil skirt with the bold square cutouts. This skirt is modern, feminine and commanding. Add a jacket when you want extra authority.

Eyelet Jumpsuits are the Latest Thing

Jumpsuits are trending so it’s no surprise to see an eyelet jumpsuit. This cute cutout is perfect for a summer party and so different!

eyelet dress

Eyelet Lace +  Bold Accessories

Remember the days of white eyelet worn with dainty white shoes and a stiff white purse? Now, accessories with personality help update the look of eyelet. Don’t be afraid to go for a great statement bag in a bold color or eye-catching print, and some fun shoes. It’ that mix of sweetness and boldness that make eyelet look marvelously modern.

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