How to Dress When You Have a Flat Bum

Are you middle-aged and losing your butt?  After the age of 30, our bums start losing muscle mass and tone, making them droop and wrinkle. Things get worse when we hit menopause, and falling estrogen levels lead to less fat in our butts, making them look flat as a pancake. What’s a gal to do?

The good news is that you can take your butt from flat to fabulous! Here’s how.

Jacket to enhance flat bottom

1.  Steer Clear of Shapeless Jackets

Shapeless sweaters, jackets, and tops that fall straight down in the back and around your waist are not your friend; these make a pancake butt look, well, more pancake. Instead, choose jackets with shape in the center back to give the appearance of a rounder, fuller butt. This lace-up jacket is an excellent example of how to boost the look of your booty!

2.  Wear Body Skimming Dresses To Accentuate Your Hips and Butt

It might seem counterintuitive to wear a body-skimming dress or skirt when you have a flat butt. However, the goal is to wear clothing that emphasizes a feminine, hourglass shape. Think A-line and full skirts, as well as fit-and-flare dresses that nip in at the waist. Steer clear of loose-fitting dresses, which will make your bum look lost. Opt instead for skirts and dresses that skim – not cling – to your curves.

dress for a flat bum

3.  Define Your Waist

If menopause has made you thick through the middle, you can create the illusion of a waist, which will then help your butt. In other words, if you want your butt to look biggermake your waist look smaller.

To do this, choose dresses that are belted at the waist, or choose a style that cinches at the waist ( like fit and flare). A dress that emphasizes your waist via embellishments such as beading and ruching will also make your waist look smaller and your bottom fuller.

pants for flat bum

4. Wear Light/ Bright Colors on Your Bottom

Many women prefer wearing dark colors on their bottom half (to shrink their booty) and brighter colors up top. But, if you want to remind that you do indeed have behind, it’s a good thing to wear lighter or brighter colors on your bottom half. Dark colors shrink the area they cover, while light, bright colors ( such as white) expand an area. These fitted white jeans will make the most of a flat bum.

5. Seek Out Bum Enhancing Pants and Jeans

While the style of pants that suit you best largely depends on your body type (Rectangle, Hourglass, Apple, Inverted Triangle), flat-bottomed gals will get a boost from pants and jeans that cinch at the waist, making their bums look bigger. Stretch material also helps contour your behind.

You can also get an extra boost by avoiding loose and baggy pants through the leg and opting instead for more slim-fitting styles that accentuate your posterior. For example, boyfriend jeans may be comfy, but their relaxed fit drag down an already droopy behind.

Boot-cut pants are a better choice since they taper at the knee, making your bum look bigger. Also, choose mid-high rise jeans over low-rise because they make your bottom look higher.

Other details that can help?  Jeans with high back pockets that sit towards the middle of your backside will make your bottom look rounder and higher. Flap-style back pockets or pockets with any buttons, embroidery, or busy detail also help to pump up the look of your butt and create the illusion of a rounder rear.

paddded shapewear

6. Try Butt Boosting Right Shapewear

From traditional shapers that flatten your waist and tummy (making your butt look bigger by comparison) to booty-enhancing miracle workers like ‘booty bras’ designed to give your bum a lift and padded shapewear shorts, there are lots you can wear underneath to resculpt your rear.

7. Wear Heels

High heels shift your posture. They tilt your pelvis, forcing your booty back and up by 30 to 40 degrees. This makes you look curvier.  

Don’t let a droopy tush get you down. Give these tricks a try to get the look of a perky posterior. Let me know how it goes!

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18 thoughts on “How to Dress When You Have a Flat Bum

  1. I have a high flat but, big waist. AT 74 I have taken to wearing clothing that covers up, but not flattering at all.

  2. I am not trying to make the butt look bigger, just find pants that don’t sag at the bottom of the butt and look terrible.
    Don’t they make slacks that fit women with literally no butt???

    1. Hi Wendy, Sounds like you just need a good tailor. I don’t know of any pants that are extra small in the behind, but that is a good idea! If you want your behind to look bigger in jeans, go for big pockets at the back or a design on the back pockets. Hope that helps!

  3. I have a small waist, hips that everyone compliments me on, but no big butt. I look good in my skirts and my jeans that enhance, but I don’t know how to shop for dresses.

  4. Ah yes, one more thing to think about. Ha, ha, ha. I’m back at the gym twice a week to tone up….but I love all the great tips you shared.

  5. Help!
    I have the WORST clothes shopping problems and don’t know what to do nor what to wear!
    I have a belly after having five kids, that no mater what I’ve tried (exercise, diet, walking, jogging, running, etc.), I just can’t seem to lose it, so I have NO WAIST!
    I also have a flat but and NO hips, yet I have long, slim legs!
    It’s summer and I have NO shorts or swimsuits to wear and any I’ve tried on look terrible on me!
    It’s so frustrating and depressing!
    I’m also on a very low budget!
    So I can’t afford $200+ pants nor a tummy tuck!

    1. Hi Margo, Although is hard to give such specific advice when I have not met you, it sounds like you could be an apple shape Have a look at this. It might give you some tips and as for clothes. It sound like you need some nice flowy tops over shorts or pants and some flowy dresses. Have you tried Target, Kohls, JCPenney and Walmart? They all have the latest trends at budget prices. Don’t give up. Just try a ton of things on until you find the shapes that work for you. Darker colors on the top and lighter on the bottom will also help play down your tummy, so white pants with flowy navy top for example. Best wishes.

  6. That first gold jacket, I love the detail on The back. And I love to receive all of the style information that you share with us!

  7. Mid-rise pants create muffin-top which is worse to see than a flat bum. You can buy high-rise jeans with pockets set higher on the backside and with ‘lift’ technology. Compensate and camouflage without creating yet another eyesore.

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