Can I Get Rid Of The Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Dear Deborah,

I know as far as makeup goes, less is more. BUT, I have terribly dark circles under my eyes that make me look like the victim of a good kick by Mr. Ed! How do I diminish these circles without having concealer in all the little lines and wrinkles?

Jeanie Robinson, Hickory, NC

Dear Jeanie,

To give you the most up-to-date answer on this age-old problem of dark eye circles, I consulted makeup artist to the stars, Sana Young from Meccage. She tells me there are lightweight concealers out there that give maximum coverage. Estee Lauder has one – it comes in a navy blue tube with a gold cap and it’s called Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer. Sana says a little of this goes a long way. For application, tips check out this Bobbi Brown video on how to apply eye concealer.


Also, if your dark circles are deep, not puffy, Sana says try Vitamin K. You can get it in a gel, or some eye moisturizers even have it as an ingredient.  It does help!

Lastly, if you really want them to go away for good, you can try having Restylane injected just below your eye. This will fill in the depth and help with the discoloration.  If you like the appearance then you can consider having a fat transplant.

Good luck!

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