What I Use to Reverse the Look of Crepey Body Skin

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Although it’s never bothered me to bare my arms or legs, I have noticed lately that my skin is starting to get dry, thin, and crepey, and I’ve been wanting to do something about it.

So, when City Beauty reached out to me with a possible solution, I said yes!

City Beauty is known for having some of the best lotions and creams for crepey skin for arms and legs. Here’s what I tried and how it’s making a big difference!

City beauty body care products

The three main products I tested were the City Beauty Body Sculpt Firming Complex, Invisicrepe Body Balm, and Restoring Hand Cream (Yes, hands get crepey too!)

City beauty leg cream

Body Sculpt Firming Complex

My skincare routine takes place in the morning when I step out of the shower. I want to give my skin the best chance at hydration I can, so I layer the serum and the cream.  A couple of pumps of the Body Sculpt Firming Complex, which is a serum, followed by a nice creamy coat of the Invisicrepe Body Balm up and down my arms and legs, and I’m done.

The main purpose of the Body Sculpt Firming Complex is to increase skin elasticity and thickness, and boy, do I need that because some days my thin, crepey skin looks and feels like tissue paper!  It also has the added benefit of reducing cellulite, so that’s a bonus too!  I love that this serum has a nice silky feeling to it; it’s not sticky at all.


city beauty crepe cream

Invisicrepe Body Balm

The Invisicrepe Body Balm,  which I layer on next, is one of the best skin creams for crepey skin on the arms and legs. It’s so thick and buttery. I love digging deep into the jar and slathering it on because it feels so hydrating. But in reality, you don’t need a lot.  A little goes a long way. The Body Balm is interesting because it’s not like your regular moisturizer. It’s much more!

As we age, we lose water, and this causes our skin to dry up. You know how most creams only moisturize the outside of your skin (They feel like they sit there on your skin but don’t penetrate?). The Invisicrepe Body Balm works at a much deeper level keeping water in, and also helps build a strong lipid skin barrier. It hydrates from the inside out.

It also has Niacinamide which stimulates lifting and tightening so you get a less crepey texture, and Ribose, which helps build collagen and plump up your skin.



city beauty hand cream

Restoring Hand Treatment

The other City Beauty product I want to share is the Restoring Hand Treatment which I was already familiar with because I bought it a few months ago. It’s also a terrific cream. Naturally, I do a lot of computer work, and I’m on my mobile phone a lot, so I’ve never been big on hand creams because they are just too sticky and slow to dry.


city beauty hand cream on handsThe Hand Treatment feels lovely. There’s no sticky residue, and it’s great for thin hand skin.  Not only does it hydrate hand skin, but it also lightens dark spots and helps treat bulging veins, which are so ugly!  What’s the secret? Microalgae, which firms and thickens, and reduces the appearance of crepey skin. My hands are starting to look younger!

city beauty lipsticks

City Lips

Lips can get pretty dry and shriveled, and when you don’t have big lips, to begin with, like me, that can be a problem. I am not against anyone who wants to fill their lips, but it’s just not for me, so I’ve started using City Lips Glosses. They contain Jojoba Oil, Flower Oil, and Hyaluronic acid, and they’re super hydrating.  About 10 minutes after applying, they plump me up, giving my lips just enough dimension to still look natural.

I haven’t been using this product long, but I’m already starting to notice small changes, including fewer lines above my top lip! With time, and using it consistently twice a day, I should get maximum lip plumping, so I’m looking forward to that.

Deb applying city beauty lipstickCity Lips comes in several colors with cute names, like Tinsel Town, Sun Diego, and Palm Springs. Clear is their most popular, and my favorite since this ultra-clear high shine goes with everything!

city beauty creams and makeup

The thin skin on my arms and legs, which looks like tissue paper and does not bounce back when you pull it, is slowly improving! Skin is the one thing you can repair and thank goodness City Beauty makes it easy to reverse crepey skin.

Check out these City Beauty products for yourself: The City Beauty Body Sculpt Firming Complex, Invisicrepe Body Balm (special code below), Restoring Hand Treatment, City Lips, and many more.

*note: link to indigo kaftan here.

*Thank you to City Beauty for Sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine

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