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Influencers of Midlife – Robin LaMonte Teaches You How to be One!

**IMPORTANT NOTICE – A follow-up since this post was written. Due to the Coronavirus, The Influencers of Midlife Conference has been postponed until October 2020. More details coming later. Thank you!

If you are a 40+ blogger or want to be, then you must meet this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer! Robin LaMonte is a lifestyle blogger and the force behind the Influencers of Midlife Summit!

Influencers of Midlife is an amazing conference you need to attend, which takes place this March 26-29th in Atlanta!

This fun and information-packed conference is designed to give you all the tools you need to shine in the digital influencer marketing world. It’s the second year for the conference, and it promises to be fantastic, with many top 40 and 50+ influencers there to speak and teach, ( including myself!)

So please do check it out Influencers of Midlife and come! Imagine being in the room with so many successful influencers there to support, guide you, and you are sure to make some new friendships too! Now, please meet your host, Robin LaMonte, a fabulous fashionista in her own right!


Deb: Hi, Robin! How would you describe your style, and in a time when we are easily influenced by digital influencers and online marketing, how do you stay true to your own style?

Robin: Hi Deb. I consider myself a modern classic woman. I  like many of the latest fashion trends, but don’t embrace all of them. I have never embraced the ripped jeans trends, nor do I wear gym clothes in a public area. I love the simple, elegant look that comes from a classic white shirt (popped collar, of course!) black pants and flats. Add accessories or a draped sweater or wrap, and I’m done!


Deb: What principles have you taken from your career as an interior designer and applied to your fashion and style blog?

Robin: Use 3 colors and play up with the pattern or texture. Always accessorize your room and your fashion to complete the look.

Deb: In your Instagram profile, you’ve included the hashtag #reinventingmidlife. How are some of the ways you are doing this and helping others to do so on your blog?

Robin: So many of us want to keep doing something creatively in midlife and find that we’re reinventing ourselves after midlife. I’m an interior designer, but I found an audience of midlife women who love to follow me for my fashion style and the topics I write about as being a woman over 50. I think the reason we’re seeing this sudden surge of over 50 women on Instagram is that we’re free to be who we are and expressing ourselves as women who defy age. Age is just a number, and we have so many opportunities to connect with each other.

Deb: What’s your best piece of advice for women who are entering midlife and are apprehensive about it and the overall concept of aging?

Robin: I hope they stop and look at all of us over 50 rocking social media and not worry about what lies ahead for them. We’re living our best lives now and sharing our journeys as midlife women. We’re connecting with women who attract us because of their intellect, their fashion, their stories, and share the same interests. Aging should be embraced as another wonderful new chapter in our lives. They will find many of us waiting for them.

Deb: You live a very fulfilling life (family, friends, a career, a blog, hobbies). How do you make time to do all the things you love?

Robin: I schedule everything. I also treat everything I do as a business with certain hours of operation, such as my interior design, my blog, my social media, and the Influencers of the Midlife conference, which you are speaking at. I only allow 2 hours for each, which is an 8-hour workday. I have plenty of time for myself and my family. If  I’m on vacation, I only post on social media and drop everything else.

Deb:  What is your favorite way to dress? Do you have a favorite or a go-to outfit?

Robin: I think I prefer to dress more classicly or elegantly at my age. I see many women who love the latest trends and wear a younger style than their age.  I will wear the latest trend but raise it to another level.

Deb:  I see you like animal prints!  How do you incorporate the latest trends in a way that doesn’t make you look like you are trying too hard?

Robin: This is a great question! I do love animal prints that have been trending for over 6 years, so I tend to wear them a lot. My favorite high rise bell bottom (wide flared jeans) from Free People are still trending, but they get mixed reviews from the women who follow me. Some think they’re fabulous, and the others say no. Each person has an opinion on what is appropriate for a 63-year-old woman. I love seeing the reactions!

Deb: Where do you draw your style inspiration from? Do you have any style icons? 

Robin: I love a classic style, so I love women over 50 who exudes elegance and style. I also love following women who are bold and daring! I won’t wear combat boots or ripped jeans, but I love seeing the women who wear the trends so well!

Deb: What inspired you to create the Influencers of the Midlife Summit? How have your goals for this summit changed from the first annual meeting to the upcoming second one?

Robin: I saw a need to create a blog conference for women over 40. Most conferences are attended by a younger crowd with completely different needs as mommy bloggers living in white houses. LOL! We are seeing a surge in brands wanting to work with us, and this conference already has companies as sponsors that target over 40 women.

We can have sessions focused on us, like wellness and menopause. It’s only going to grow by the third conference! Last year we had too many wellness sessions, and doctors focused on plastic surgery! This year is more balanced with lots of educational business sessions, wellness, and inspirational speakers to motivate us. We’re getting better every year!

Deb: How would you like to see the 40+ influencer market change, growth, develop in the next one to two years? What do you think is missing from this space?

Robin: I think if the over 40+ crowd is going to be successful, the influencers need to learn how to do it correctly. So many have poor quality photos, yet have wonderful captions. They need to take lessons, which is why I created this conference. Being only on Instagram is a lost opportunity when they can reach a larger audience. As you know, your Facebook and blog have a stronger following. Companies like to work with influencers who have more than one social media platform.

Robin, It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and I look forward to being a part of the Influencers of Midlife Summit March 26-29th.

Ladies, if you are a 40+ blogger or want to be, this is the conference for you. Live Your Best Life Now and sign up to meet dozens of 40+ influencers.  We welcome you and look forward to supporting you! 

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  1. Deborah,
    Thank you for the lovely interview!
    I am looking forward to meeting you in person in March at our summit!
    You are a trailblazer for so many of us. I just started writing about fashion and lifestyle 4 years ago and you have such a large audience who adore following you.
    I can’t wait to hear you speak at our conference!
    I hope some of the women who follow you would love to join us in March!