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Sexy Safari Style From 40+ Instagrammers

Khaki jackets, cargo pants, and multi-pocketed work shirts began as practical clothing to be worn in the tropics.  But in 1968, YSL drew inspiration from this jungle uniform and popularized the look his groundbreaking Safari Collection.

Today Safari Style is chic and sexier than ever.  Here are some 40+ Instagrammers who know how to put the sizzle in their Safari.

safari dress with hat


A few accessories go a long way to elevate a simple cargo style dress. Beth has done a great job creating a safari themed outfit that is fabulous at any age. See more on Beth in my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer series.

safari cargo skirt


To get the Safari look, all you need is, to begin with one great piece. Katherine, a stylist from Australia, has chosen this olive green, A-line cargo skirt. Tan boots and a neutral sweater help create a practical, everyday look. Katherine’s  leopard print bag is a creative touch that ties the whole look together.

khaki top white pants

How do you do the Safari look in an understated way?  This 40+ Instagrammer has the right idea. A pair of white jeans with a khaki top, a leopard print belt, and canvas espadrilles are a nod to this popular summer trend. Large jewelry that is rustic or a little tribal also adds a lot of style to this look.

safari dress with leggings


If you’re a creative soul who likes to make a statement, you can work with Safari. Just look at the outfit that Sharryn, another Australian stylist, has cooked up. Using layering,  parachute pants, army boots, and oversized accessories, Sharryn has created a fashion forward adventurer look that is original and fun.

cargo skirt and sweater


It’s fascinating to see all the ways you can wear the Safari look.  40+ Instagrammer, Miriam has gone the preppy route, pairing a casual cargo skirt with white statement sneakers and a crisp lemon jacket and scarf.

cold shoulder safari dress


Suzy’s cold shoulder t-shirt dress in khaki green is a casual, sexy way to do Safari. She’s paired it with brown rope wedge shoes and a metallic gold purse to add a touch of glam.

green safari dress@stylishsalat

A classic safari dress worn with bold, modern jewelry and sexy pumps makes this version of Safari look ladylike and sophisticated. Looking great Gaby!

safari skirt aging disgracefully


Why knot? A classic white shirt twisted into a knot, paired with a camel colored utility skirt is super chic.  Love those suede lace up espadrilles.
white shirt safari style (2)


Finally, Safari style comes to life for Sherrie, a fashion blogger who was recently on a real Safari in Africa. Here she is in the middle of the Serengeti wearing a crisp white shirt, a tribal headband, designer sunglasses, and talking on her Giraffe iPhone. Now that’s a gal with style! Check out my full interview with Sherrie, one of my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers.

For more ideas on how to wear Safari see this how-to Safari Post.

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3 thoughts on “Sexy Safari Style From 40+ Instagrammers

    1. Hi Janice, Some were classic and some creative. I thought it was interesting to see everyone’s take on Safari anyway. Everybody has their own translation of the trend. I would say my Style is closest to Beth’s. What about you?

      1. Hi Deborah,
        Thank you for replying.
        I loved the 40+ Instagramer and Gaby. Beth looks good too.
        I live in urban South Africa and have found that safari wear should always be subtle in that one should never look like the game ranger or staff at a bushlodge.
        It’s a look that should appear effortless and not like you are trying too hard.
        I love your articles by the way.