3 Ways to Wear Gray Hair Over 40

Looking for inspiration for how to wear your newly grown out gray hair?  Here are 3 cute hairstyles that make it easy to be stylish, fabulous…and gray!

1. The Pixie

The Gray Pixie Cut

Cutting off all your hair and wearing a pixie cut is a brave step, but the results can be amazing. There’s something so youthful about short-cropped hair. It lights up your face, and of course, maintenance is a breeze!

Gray pixie cut hairstyle

Pictured above is Jackie. Her short, sassy haircut with windswept bangs is slightly edgy but polished. Her ombre gray, which goes from dark at the back to light at the front, brightens up her pretty face and highlights her amazing blue eyes.

Salt and pepper pixie cut


Roxanne Hancock is a mature model from New York City whose fierce short salt and pepper pixie cut makes her look powerful and sexy.

short gray haircute

Helen’s short gray hairstyles with long layers give her style dimension. This cut looks great when blown out and styled straight and sleek. Or you can have more fun with it by adding some pomade and spoking a few pieces randomly as Helen has done here.

short gray pixie cut


Shiraga is a 60-year- old children’s book author who lives in Japan.  Her natural grey pixie cut suits her perky, cute personality and pretty features.

short gray hair pixie


Deborah is a 57 year old style protagonist and model living in South Africa. She loves trying new things. Although Deborah’s gray pixie cut can be styled in several ways, she loves wearing it slicked up and away from her beautiful face.

short sexy gray hair


Janelle Nelson is a model, actor, and all-around great gal who can be found jet-setting between New York City, London, and Los Angeles. Her relaxed, playful pixie cut gray hair shows off her fun, adventurous side.

2. The Gray Bob

A blunt grey hair bob is a perfect haircut for a woman who wants to look polished and sophisticated.


short gray hair | bob


Antoinette is a multi-faceted Los Angeleno. She’s an actress, model, dancer, portrait artist, muse, and motivator. She is also a fitness buff and has proudly been a naturalist and vegan for 43 years. Her silver hair bob shows off her stunning locks that look like silver moonlight.

Silver hair bob for women over 40


Nikol’s blunt gray bob is extremely versatile. It’s long enough to pull back into a ponytail, wear it brushed back, or styled down as she is wearing it above. Nikol is an on-air beauty and style expert with the Home Shopping Network, so you can bet she knows what she’d doing when it comes to short gray hairstyles.

shor tgray hairstyle


Mayumi is 47 years old and has been embracing her short gray hair since 2017. Her wispy banged gray bob is perfect for her fine gray hair and looks chic tucked behind one ear.

short bob straight gray hair


Tina is embracing both her gray hair and her curls over 40. Although here she has styled her blunt bob in a straight style, Tina generally wears her hair in her natural curls. Tina is inspired by all things beautiful, including her gorgeous short gray hairstyles.

short gray hair| wavy bob


This photo is from Cristina, a 52-year-old Instagrammer from  Portugal who posts inspiring photos of women with gorgeous gray hair. Pictured above is Catherine. Her chic curly bog frames her face and makes her look youthful and sexy

medium length gray hair with waves


Regina is a 50+ international model and gray hairstyles blogger. Her long bob has romantic waves which give her a soft, youthful look. If your hair is naturally wavy go with this look or use a curling flat iron on straight hair to create modern soft waves.

3. Long Gray Hair 

Long gray hair used to be taboo until baby boomers said “nonsense to that.” Many are choosing to keep their hair long and flowing as it slowly turns to silvery gray. This key to long hair over 40 is to have regular cuts and to layer your long hair a little to give it body and shape. Long hair is without question a hairstyle that takes more work, but you only live once, so if hair way past your shoulders makes you happy, it’s worth it.

long gray hair


Katy is an L.A.-based wife, mom, and film producer. She has the perfect All- American, long hairstyle. It’s beautifully thick with a soft wave at the bottom. Don’t we all wish we had hair like her?

long wavy gray hair


Char confesses that growing out her gray hair has really truly been a freeing as well as empowering process. Although it took a bit longer (3+ years) to let it grow out than she had anticipated, she loves the look and being an inspiration for other silver sisters.


streaked gray hair over 40


Michelle is a 56-years-young gal with a wildflower spirit who is embracing the gray hair that Mother Nature has given her. Her fun and flirty layers give her gray hair more body and youthful vibe. Her two-tone shades of gray are stunning!

long gray bob


Tera, a 50+ model, has a beautiful blend of blonde and gray that’s styled in a long layered cut that falls on her shoulders.

long streaked gray hair


Terry is choosing the “gray” path and sprinkling some “wisdom” along the way, hoping to inspire others. Her exotic gray hair with the silver streaks is her greatest fashion accessory.

long gray hair


Rosemarie, an international model and actress, is proof that you can wear your hair both long and gray. She is all about women embracing their beautiful uniqueness.

long wavy gray hairstyle


Blanchess is a proud mother, wife and dog mom who loves gardening, cooking, reading and taking photos. Her sophisticated steel gray waves are elegant and romantic. Wonder if that curl is natural?

Whether you go super short, super long, or something in between, gray hair can look stunning. A good cut, regular deep conditioning, and putting some effort into styling can turn you into a silver fox!

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43 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wear Gray Hair Over 40

  1. Great article and photos. Gray hair is the best! I stopped coloring around 40 and have never regretted the decision. I’ve worn it very short, bobbed and very long. I disagree that “ Long hair is without question a hairstyle that takes more work.” Long hair requires fewer trips to the hairdresser and less frequent washing. Styling typically takes about 5 minutes. Short hair was my high-maintenance style, with daily washing and traveling for a trim every four weeks! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. It was the best thing I did! When I turned 40, I decided it would be the last hairdresser dying session. I am 43, and it is so liberating!!
    My tone, skin, and hair match perfectly now!
    Natural is the key !!

  3. After becoming sick two years ago, January 1, having four surgeries in 6 weeks, and not being able to color my hair for three months, something. I did it every two weeks because my hair grew fast. I decided just to let it go gray and white. I had no idea what color it was because I had been coloring it since I was 16. My mother had a beauty shop, and I also had two sisters who worked there. But I wore my hair almost down to my waist and took excellent care of it, so no one ever knew it was colored. I was 66 and quite excited to see what it would look like. I hate to say this, ladies, but after 5 inches of growth. After three months, my mom and oldest sister are the same way. So, I went down and had 25 inches cut off. Yes, it was donated. Then she shaped it into a pixie cut I had never had. Everyone loved it but my husband and myself, of course. One more cutting at the 6th-month date, and it was grown out. So if you don’t want to go thru 3 years of having the dyed part on with your new growth, bite the bullet and get that pixie cut.
    You will be shocked at how much people will love it. And I was amazed at how light my head felt; I have a lot of hair. Plus, it is very wavy on the bottom and has little curls around my face. Oh, and it is white around my front, the sides, and salt and pepper on the back. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful my hair is. It is 3/4 the way back down my back again. And I love it and wish I had done this 30 years ago. So ladies, if you are on the fence, go for it. People tell me all the time it makes me look ten years younger. Now, who doesn’t want to do that? Thanks for listening!

    1. Sounds lovely, Rose. Gone are the day of shaggy old gray hair. Let your hair go gray if you wish; just get a modern cut and keep it nice and shiny, and you can look fabulous!

  4. I started growing out of my grey. I got so many negative comments. Now I am blonde, and it is just as much work. Ugh.

    1. I returned to my natural grey about 4 yrs ago; I took the easy way & had color stripped out in a hair salon. I love my grey hair & often get compliments from strangers. Best of all no roots to worry about

      1. Hi Marie, Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like you have found freedom. Glad it is working out for you. It’s always such a big decision but I know many of my followers are so happy once they have made the move to be a silver fox!

  5. I decided to let my gray grow out by the time I turned 50, that was 4 1/2 years ago, and I don’t regret it. I get complimented on my gray hair all the time. It has not been easy; having this white canvas on your head and keeping the resolution not to color it again is hard. Mine has been in a bob and all lengths down to the bottom of my shoulder blades; when it was that long, I had to cut it to bob again after contracting Covid and going they a phase where I lost much of my hair. I am lucky my hair proliferates, and I can change my hairstyle, knowing it will grow out before I know it.

  6. I have let my gray hair show; I love Helen’s hairstyle. How is it cut in either back? I’m planning on getting a cut similar to hers. I don’t know how the back is cut. I Love Helen’s style also

  7. I am letting my natural grey take hold, and it is taking hold of me; I’m feeling more like me and free. I have always had long hair, and seeing your models still embrace their long hair with grey is an inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing! I am a mother of two wonderful daughters and now a Nana to two sweet granddaughters.

  8. I love the styles and wish I could wear the shorter ones. My extremely curly but fine hair does better longer and is easier to maintain, so I appreciate the photos of women with longer hair. All are beautiful.

  9. I stopped coloring my hair about 20 years ago before it became popular. I’m 68 years fabulous and get compliments on my hair daily. I was invited to model in a fashion show and won 1st place. I am living my best life, with grey hair and alL.

  10. I figure silver hair will look hot on her, as it does on all these fantastic models. While your models are stunning, not all of us are honored. I’d prefer to see distinctive body types/shapes, help for redheads whose hair has become dull coppery, and posts about women making progress never again to color their hair.

  11. Fascinating article, but I’m always watching for ideas and styles more fitting to the everyday folks in life. While your models are stunning, not all of us are so blessed. I’d also like to see different body weights/shapes and help for redheads and faded-out auburn ladies making that transition to no longer coloring their hair.

  12. Finally!

    My 61 year-young wife has finally decided she is done with covering up her gray hair. I think Gray hair will look sexy on her, as it does on all these beautiful examples.

    Beautiful mature women obliterating their gray hair seems so……. desperate to me.

    Welcome home, ladies!

  13. When is it time to let the gray show? I will be 53, and I still have lots of brown hair. I do dye and only have to every four months. I keep thinking, should I stop dying?? I don’t want it o age me and worry that it will. These ladies look fantastic. I love so many of their styles; they all look.

    1. I think having a good hairstyle and hair that’s well-conditioned is the answer to the youthful look. I’ve just blended my hair to start to go au natural and had a good cut. I’d love silver locks, but I think I’ll be more salt & pepper.
      Looking at these gorgeous pictures of women who’ve embraced their greys, I’ll be happy to look even half as good. I’ll be 70 this autumn and still interested in keeping my hair nice.

  14. I want to be able to do a grey look to my hair which is called titanium. I have been going grey since 18 and am tired of coloring my hair as a brunette all the time. My hairdresser says she would need to bleach it and then apply the titanium. The downfall is she said my hair would break. It would take several times to get the look. So if I do a fairy and wear a baseball cap for several months, would I be able to get the all-grey look eventually or get the titanium look?

    1. I’m a hairstylist and growing out of my grey. If you have the patience, just let it grow out. My hair is long, and I’m in year 3 of growing it out from brown. I do get compliments often. Try it; I think you will be surprised.

  15. I’m 59 and still struggling with deciding whether to go grey. My first trip to the hairdresser was at 19, and since then, I’ve been dying it my natural color of medium brown. I fear it will make me look older if I go ‘au natural, but I’m also tired of the routine and chemicals every three weeks. Because I have long wavy hair and would like to keep some of the lengths, what would be an excellent haircut to transition from dyed hair to natural grey? It’s time to let go of my misconceptions and accept what is me, grey and all, fashionably.

  16. I let all my gray grow out. It’s hard to do. It looked good, and I got lots of compliments. Then I had thin black streaks put in. It was lovely! I’m 56 but started having gray hairs showing at 18. Anyways I went back to get my hair done and used the wrong word “touch up” because some black streaks were growing out. For whatever reason, she touched up my roots all dark. After she washed my hair and dried it, I couldn’t believe it !!! I was devastated it took so long to grow out, and my hair was long. So now I have a problem with my gray roots. So I went dark. I took medication later that May my hair fell out -it got fragile. Then when my hair grew out, I noticed it being different. It was white and a dull gray. So I dyed it and then got tired of it. So finally, I dyed it light blonde.
    Now I have bought the lightest brown and want my grays to grow. My hair looks terrible and makes me feel, and I don’t want to leave the house until it succeeds. Thank You for your suggestions and stories; I feel better reading them. I thought about combing in some peroxide and bleach in my hair. I also thought of putting in little darker streaks. This is the reason I bought the light brown dye. I’m doing it myself using the old frost and tip cap, lol !! Thank You. I love this article and will keep on it. Sorry to write so much! Love and peace to all !!

  17. I’m 45 and going through the transition to a natural grey. I love the color coming through and can’t wait to be fully transitioned and free of the time-consuming, chemical-laden dye. I love the fairy! I wish I were that brave

    1. I think it takes more bravery to go gray than wear a pixie. I. Cut off my hair long ago; still holding out on the color, though…

  18. I’m 58 and have never colored my hair. I’ve been fortunate with very little gray, but it’s becoming more noticeable now. I think at this stage of life, I should go gray naturally. I love the pixie cut look. I’ve always had short hair, so I might be able to pull that off. Nice to see others going gray naturally!

  19. I just turned 50 last year, and I’m not a fan of grey hair in any form…salt and pepper, grey, silver, or white. I have naturally curly hair with a length below my shoulders. My hair has about 1″ comprehensive spiral curls and can get very frizzy. I think if I let my natural color show, I woke like the likethe bride of Frankenstein. I’m still working full-time in corporate America and feel that allowing my hair to be grey would age me, which could count against me regarding promotability, salary, and longevity. My eyebrow just started to turn grey last month. Ugh! I can predict that at some point, it will be just too much of a hassle and cost to keep up my brunette-dyed hair, but for now, it’s an investment I’m willing to make because it makes me feel good.

    1. Twelve years ago, I was you! I had long dark curly hair that I felt was part of my distinctive look. I’d been coloring the gray for 15 years. Worth it, but…
      At 59, I transitioned to natural. Now my hair is short and curly— ark in the back, but primarily bright silver.
      Strangers come up and compliment my hair – it’s happened many times.
      So…there is life after brunette. NdI’s liberated from the messy coloring and toxic chemicals.

    2. My manager has lovely salt and pepper and long natural curls. I had known her since she became my manager and thought she was about 50 when she decided to let her natural look shine. Her hair does shine, looks terrific, and it didn’t hold her back from a promotion! She has inspired me, so since last summer, I have been letting my hair go naturally grey. I am 55 and found my first grey at 18; I have more salt than pepper. I can’t wait to cut off the remaining brunette. I am just waiting for the COVID rules to relax to get a cut!

  20. I love the short, sharp, and shapely look of the fairy! Go, girl! Having dyed my hair for 25 years, I took the courageous step to go gray and switched to a short chic, easily managed style. At 66, I have a new lease on life and love receiving compliments on my new hair and stylish clothes!

  21. I LOVE the fact that ladies are starting to appreciate the fact that gray is acceptable. My mom and grandmother were hair stylists and colored their hair until it felt like dry straw. I knew that I didn’t want that. I have allowed my naturally curly hair to be colored naturally and love it. I receive many compliments. Another reason–my husband noted that a friend was going bald. She wasn’t. It was her white roots showing! I knew then also–no coloring!

  22. I’m 52 years old and haven’t dyed my hair. I have salt and pepper gray. I recently opted for the pixie cut like the picture above of Rosie. Super simple styling and compliments make this cut a winner for me!

  23. I chuckle because I’ve dyed my hair almost continuously since my mid-twenties. Now, at 62, I’m going au natural and love it. I like the color. The only down side is I need eye make-up when I go out or my face looks tired.

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