Faux Fur Vest – Your Best Fall Accessory

It’s fuzzy, warm, and it feels so rocker glam. I’m talking about one of fall’s coolest accessories – the faux fur vest.

Faux Fur Vest


Jeans/Leggings + a top maybe your everyday uniform, but let’s face it; that can get a little boring. If you’ve been looking for a way to dress up a casual outfit and feel fab, a faux fur vest is a perfect accessory.


faux fur vest


It’s not new, but perhaps you’ve been slow to try it? Now is the time to test out one of these cute vests.  Slip-on a faux fur vest and see how it can turn a simple, silky top and an ordinary pair of blue jeans or leggings into a fun, hip look that works at any age.

Prefer a dressier look? The luxe vests can take the boring out of a traditional outfit. Add a dash of bohemian glamor by pairing a faux fur vest with a cashmere sweater, tailored pants, and sexy pumps.

Other ways to wear a faux fur vest. Wear with:

  • a midi skirt and a floppy hat for a boho look
  • monochromatic pieces for an elegant look
  • belted overtop of a knit dress for a modern look
  • a pencil skirt and a turtleneck for an office look
  • leather pants for an edgy rock and roll look
  • a long chunky sweater and leggings for a casual, weekend look
  • a peasant blouse or lace top and jeans for a natural, romantic look



A faux fur vest also looks great over a pretty blouse worn with leggings is elegant but cool.

shearling faux fur vest


Shearling vests are also popular. They have a slightly more rustic feel to them. Throw them on with your jeans and some cute statement sneakers, and you are all set!

Here are some more faux furs vests worn by 40+ bloggers and some vests in stores right now.

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32 thoughts on “Faux Fur Vest – Your Best Fall Accessory

  1. I just bought 2 vests and I love them. One looks like mink lol and the other is more causual. I’m 73 and I think the style is fabulous!

  2. Hi Deborah, I’ve grown to like the faux fur vests but am not sure if it would suit my body type. I’m probably an apple shape and wonder if it would make me look bigger. I also have a good size chest. Would you suggest skipping this one for someone with my body type? or is there a happy medium?

  3. I love all the pairings, style information, age appraise yet modern approach… it’s just that I try to find many of the items and there isn’t a link to purchase them..why not? i can appreciate the time and resources for trying to link every single thing – but why have it up without a link… or take a page from mags.. they link the items to alternative suggestions. thank you,

  4. Can’t say I’m a fan. Even in your photos of the best ones to try, these models all look boxy. My focus in fashion is to fine something that gives me shape, not takes away.

  5. Deborah, this is a fun trend. Thanks for sharing. I could even see a little blue-haired lady wearing one of these, as well as us heftier women, of which I am a part of. It adds pizzazz to the everyday monochrome look that I see everywhere. I don’t like the look of short sleeves under the vest, but 3/4 length sleeves or longer look polished.

    1. Hi Jean, Glad you enjoyed this post. I had a great response to it and I think the reason why is that many women are looking for something causal to wear besides a jacket or sweater. A faux fur vest is fun.I think the more streamlined ones look best. They can look quite chic worn with a soft, silky long sleeve blouse, skinny jeans and booties. Cheers! Deborah

  6. I had two fur vests last year; a simple dark chocolate one, and a tan that reversed to a cotton. I wore them all the time. This year I decided to go a little more out there and have already made myself three; a cropped deep red/oxblood, a feathery fur w/a hint of light purple in places, and a “shag” but very soft brown fur tipped with beige. I don’t want to scare you, but I have been searching for a deep, rich, emerald green fabric for my next one!
    Thank you for posting about this trend. I believe it to be a very workable addition to a wardrobe.

  7. I usually love the looks put together here but this one, I’ll skip. Fur vests, to me, have this gorilla suit feeling about them, more costume than fashion. I’ll leave the hairy chests to the men.

  8. Never ever would I consider wearing a faux fur vest. I think that is the epitome of “trying to hard”. I have a niece in high school and one in junior high; I seen both of them wearing faux fur vests and I really don’t think they look all that cute on them. Sorry.

  9. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but this trend looks utterly ridiculous on women over 40. The only way it could possibly look more ridiculous would be to pair it with leggings.

    1. Hi Cathy, Thanks for weighing in. I think you have to a more of a boho style to instantly take to this. I couldn’t see myself wearing a faux fur vest for the longest time, but now that I’ve seen some more subtle/refined versions in stores, I’ve been trying on a few one and may end up buying one.Sometimes it takes a while to warm up to something. On the other hand, if you know it’s definitely not for you, pass. You have to feel confident about wearing an item like this. There’s lots of other great looks out there to choose from.
      Cheers, Deborah

      1. Deborah – thanks for publishing my comment. I really do like a lot of the suggestions made here but sometimes you must consider that old adage…..If you wore a really trendy style the first time it became popular (mini-skirts, jumpsuits, leggings, extremely full skirts, leather pants), perhaps you should rethink it before giving it a 2nd outing. Many times, you must actually view age inappropriate styles on another woman (in person) before you can see what a bad idea it really was.

        1. Hi Cathy, It’s such an individual thing. If women our age never wore anything because we had worn it years before, there would be nothing much to wear. Fashion repeats. I think you can wear many of the trends you’ve worn before, but just choose to wear them in a more flattering way at 40 and beyond. It has a lot to do with the way you style your outfits. Cheers! Deborah

  10. Hi Deborah and Glam Gals! It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful some women look good in EVERYTHING they wear. JoBee looks great, good for her! Kudos to everyone for wearing the “faux” fur vests. Deborah, if I remember correctly, some commenters complained about the 5’10” super thin models. I completely agree. Deborah, please consider doing some of the modeling yourself, I am sure your faithful glam gals would be delighted, myself included!

  11. I agree that a faux fur vest is not the exclusive province of the young, and all your suggestions for how to wear it are great, but I also think we need to be realistic about size for this one. A petite woman of age, yes. Someone my size (10/12) is going to look like a grizzly bear in this -not on my list of must try, sorry!

    1. Hi PS,
      Yes she sure is! She has kept updated with her hair, makeup, and wardrobe and is also in great shape! Moreover her attitude is progressive and youthful! All those things combined make for a younger appearance!

  12. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this blog! I love that faux fur vest, really stylish and affordable! You guys should check out an awesome boutique I recently discovered as well- www. kodiboutique. com. I’m hooked, plus their shipping is always free.

  13. I bought this vest today after seeing it here on your blog! I love it! Thank you for the inspiration.

    Since I don’t look great in brown, I bought a baby blue knit turtleneck to go under the vest.

    1. Hi Julie, Great to hear and we think your baby blue turtleneck sounds perfect! We always like it when we hear our ladies are putting a little color in their wardrobe to spice it up!

    1. I dislike them for various reasons. If they look fake, yuk, don’t like it. If it looks real, I REALLY don’t like it because that would lead people to believe I’m for killing animals for their skins.

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