A Chic Way to Style Cropped Flare Jeans

I never thought I would wear crop flare jeans until I found this cute pair from Veronica Beard.

Style Blogger Deborah Boland wearing Veronica Beard Cropped Jeans

The first time I saw crop flare jeans, l thought they were too weird for me. I was sure they would look silly, like I was wearing floods, making me look short, stumpy, and heavy in the hips. But I decided to take the advice I always give to all of you and try them on.

Deborah Boland from Fabulous After 40 styles cropped Baby Boot jeans from Veronica Beard

When I first glanced in the dressing room mirror, they did look goofy…kind of like sailor pants that shrunk. I stood there and stared at myself and thought? But once I added a cute top, some heels, and a bag, I started to feel casually chic and modern.

Veronica Beard Cropped Flare Jeans with Release Hem -cropped bootcut style

Here’s what the hemline looks like. They are a cropped bootcut style and have a slight flare with a frayed released hem.

You want to make your legs look long and lean with kick flare jeans, so I’ve styled them with nude heels. The heels give me a few extra inches, and the nude color blends in with my skin, creating a nice clean, continuous line that is very flattering and slimming. I love how the crop flare hits so perfectly above my ankle. It’s very sexy.

Style Blogger Deborah Boland shopping wearing Cropped jeans with Frayed Hemline

Yellow is my favorite color, and this year there is a lot of it, which is unusual, so I snapped up this cheery side tie top to go with my jeans.

Style Blooger Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40 wearing yellow side tie top

It’s so fresh and summery, and the knot at the side is such a cute detail. Front tie tops have been trending a lot lately. Here’s one similar to this yellow one.

Deborah Boland sitting on a bench wearing Veronica Beard Cropped Baby Boot Jeans with Release Hem.

My bag is from another shoot I did with Talbots. See it here with this cute coral fringe dress. It sold out fast, but I have linked something similar below.

Deborah Boland style bloggers wearing yellow side tie tee and cropped faded denim jeans and high heeled sandals

I thought the jeans with big square pockets and the yellow tee with tie front and knot had a nautical vibe, so I added some blue rope bauble earrings.

Deborah Boland Style blogger over 50 wears Veronica Beard Cropped Baby Boot Jeans with large front pockets

Glad to have tried this new look. You can wear these with flats- sandals or sneakers, but I prefer this more high fashion look. It’s different and exciting. It just goes to show you; that you can’t get stale. Try something new today. You may be pleasantly surprised!

To shop this look,  see above. I have included several pairs of jeans similar to this because these have sold out, and we are all a little different with what details we like when it comes to wearing a new trend.

If you are interested in other types of Veronica Beard Jeans- you will find me modeling another pair in this post about Veronica Beard flare jeans.

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9 thoughts on “A Chic Way to Style Cropped Flare Jeans

  1. Why must you always wear heels to make an outfit? Jeans are casual…especially cropped flare jeans! I’m 5’3″, and I’m okay with my height…I don’t feel a need to look taller. ..I read that in every styling article. ..not just yours…all of them! Give us options of not flats, but a good compromise…ballet flats are just as uncomfortable as heels; there has to be a happy medium. Do people go shopping in their heels? I don’t!

    1. Hi Cindy, I wear a lot of flats and some heels. Even though I am 5’7″, I find that wide-cropped pants look better when I wear heels because cropped pants visually shorten the legs. I am not comfortable in wide-leg cropped pants with flats, so I might wear this outfit shopping. However, apartments are excellent with wide-leg cropped pants, so if you feel comfortable in flats, go for them. There’s no right or wrong- just personal preference. You’ve made a good point, and I will keep that in mind and provide some other options for shoes in the future when I’m modeling something. I have done some college posts with wide-leg pants and flats. You can see them here: Cheers! Deb

  2. These cropped pants look so great on you, makes me think maybe I could wear them too…love the whole outfit on you.

  3. I never used to like anything short in jeans as when I was (a quite tall) a teenager (many moons ago), I could only find jeans that weren’t long enough. I now see these jeans and think they look fantastic. I might have to try some.

  4. I tried the kick crop flare a year ago when Loft had them in a dark wash. They were so slimming & not funny looking at all like I thought they would be. Bought them. Then I bought a pair like yours but no pockets in the front from Old navy while shopping with my daughter. Another score. They were frayed but rolled up in a cuff & cute-on. I can wear them down and frayed over booties or sandals with a heel or cuffed with cute wedge flip-flops. I love yours too! I am petite, so I was shocked they were a go on my short self. Love yours & that lemon-colored yellow top! Those heels are super cute too!

  5. I used to wear cropped flare black pants to work, and people called them my “Star Trek” pants. I thought it was hilarious. A Black cropped flare with a short boot will give you a Star Trek look.

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