Why It Was a Good Idea to Shop My Closet!

I’ve been spending a lot of time weeding out my wardrobe lately. Surprisingly, I have come across a few things that I forgot I ever had! Here’s why it was good to shop my closet!

Fringe Top - Deborah Boland

Fringe Tank Top

Gosh, I just checked an old post where I first wore this cute fringe knit tank, and I have had it for 3 years! It’s from Theory, and I paid a lot, so there was no way I was going to part with it, but I didn’t wear it much either. I think that’s because at the time I bought it, I didn’t buy anything to go with it and that’s always a problem. So, I just hung onto it, hoping that one day I’d find a match.

Earlier this spring I bought these cute taupe jeans that I wore with a taupe and cream leopard print sweatshirt (remember?) When I put the jeans and this top together I loved the elegant, neutral look.

It also helped that since buying this top, I received a pair of these darling wedge sandals and these blue, beaded boho hoop earrings which I wore in another shoot this summer. They went perfectly with this top.

Rummaging through my closet, I also found a cute straw cute clutch (similar clutch here), and this boho beaded bracelet, which topped off the look.  Now I love this outfit!

Striped sweater Deborah Boland

Striped Nautical Sweater

I always have a lot of striped tops in my closet, which I don’t let go of easily because stripes always work with so many things, and they are timeless. I originally wore this cute knit sweater in my yellow linen wrap skirt post a couple of summers ago. What I love about it are the bright colors and the cute gold buttons on the shoulder which add a touch of class.

A striped top always looks cute with white jeans, so after modeling a fresh pair of white jeans from NYDJ just a few weeks back, I found this top and paired them with that. I had a pair of gold mules in my closet and thought the gold went so well with the buttons. (These gold mules are similar but a bit shinier) Then I added my favorite Kendra Scott earrings (still available), which are gold knots. I think they are very appropriate because they have that darling nautical vibe!

Leopard Print Top Deborah Boland

Mesh Sneakers

This next outfit was inspired by these sneakers. They look brand new, but they are not! You know when you own like something so much that you don’t wear them because you don’t want to wreck them? I bought these last year. In fact, I bought two pairs – one black and this gold pair because they are knit, very comfy and I liked them very much.

I finally decided it was high time I started wearing them and thought they might look rather fun with the leopard print tee, (that I originally wore in this transitional outfits post),  and these new NYDJ shorts that I’ve been showing you a lot lately in other posts.  I love the look. The gold touch of glam in these shoes is all you need to elevate a super casual outfit!

Beach Coverup Deborah Boland

Pool Dress

Oh my gosh, I have a funny story about this one. Remember when the chain BCBG closed down all its stores? Well, I had a credit, and I had to act fast if I was to use it up, so I went to the store, and there was barely anything left, and I saw this. It was the right price to use up my credit, and so I got it.

It has hung in my closet for a few years now. I don’t know why I never took it on a cruise with me (I have been on a few since I got it), and I am kicking myself now because when I put this on, I thought it was super cute.

It’s a beach dress, and it’s perfect for vacay or around the pool, worn with these cute beaded earrings.  Now that I think of it, I may have been concerned that it is very slim fitting and would show my stomach too much if I overate on the cruise (easy to do!), but hey, there are always Spanx panties.

I have tried to find something similar to the link for you, but I can’t find anything this close that is a dress with a slip. Here are a couple of other similar crochet coverups. Another here and this one is cute. A Spanx slip to go underneath so you can wear it as a dress is here.

Blue Striped Shirt - front tie Deborah Boland

Pinstripe Shirt with a Twist

This is another cute top that I bought for a conference in LA a few years back and didn’t wear much. I love it. Why didn’t I wear it? I honestly have no good reason. Obviously, it is a popular, timeless shirt because I had no problem finding a link to something very similar.

The shoes are Michael Kors. I bought these 2 years ago, and I do wear them a lot. Here’s a similar sneaker.  As for the purse, I bought it earlier in the year and haven’t gotten as much use out of it as I wanted because there’s been nowhere to go! Still, it was a great purchase, and I will also use it next year.

lace top Deborah Boland

Eyelet Top

This is years old; I mean years. I never got rid of it because I liked looking at it in my closet. Does that sound crazy? It’s so pretty.

Hmm, come to think of it, I seem to have a lot of off-white-colored tops that I don’t wear much in this post. They actually look good on me, but looking back, I probably have avoided them because if I am not in the right mood, they make me feel washed out.

I’m so used to wearing a lot of colors that off-white near my face can often make me feel pale and low energy. It’s just a silly hang-up because I do like how the top looks in this photo. Sorry, I couldn’t find anything close to this top!

Cropped Fringe Jeans Deb

Cropped Release Hem Jeans

These jeans are not really me, and I feel like I have been kind of forcing myself to wear them. Have you ever done that?

I wore them in a cropped jeans post with high heels and felt really good at the time, but to be honest, I don’t know how much longer I will keep them. Don’t get me wrong. They are super cute (I can even see that), but they don’t feel authentic to who I am. I’ve never been a torn hem jeans kind of gal, but at least I tried. I love the look on other women though.

If you can’t put something on and own the look, then it’s probably time to get rid of it.

The cropped pink cotton sweater is cute, and I wore it in a post a while back, although this pink is not my perfect shade of pink, and I am super picky about my colors. I look best in coral pinks.

Nevertheless, I like it! This whole outfit is a nice change. There are those beaded hoops again from my hoodie dress post, and as for the sandals, they are fun. They’re boho, but elegant too, and I always prefer looks on the elegant side.

Leopard Print Top- Deborah Boland

Linen Leopard Tunic

I got this top from Chicos a couple of years ago and wore it in my Girlfriend’s post. It is a classic, which means it still looks fantastic. Others seem to agree, as I see Chicos still stocks a very similar version of this. This long leopard print tunic is linen and has no iron! I adore this leopard top. It looks great with legging capris.

Boho Sandals Net top db

Mesh Jacket

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. You know when a sweater or jacket is too hot in summer, but you want a little something for your bare arms? This mesh jacket is ideal. I wore it in my Picadilly fashions post a long while back, but it’s been a keeper. Now I’ve paired it with my favorite NYDJ olive jeans and these new Donald Pliner wedges I just received, and it feels like a new outfit.

What gems do you have hidden in your closet that you could restyle? The only way to find out is to start to play dress-up. Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “Why It Was a Good Idea to Shop My Closet!

  1. I liked reading your post about the fashion finds in one’s closet. Crazy I also have the same feelings about wearing my favorites and wearing out or something that hangs in there bc it’s so pretty

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      It’s weird. I’m trying to break that way of thinking because I hate to waste beautiful clothes by not wearing them! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! Cheers, Deb

    1. Thanks, Karen, I want to do more posts like this because I really enjoyed writing it and exploring why I wasn’t wearing everything I had. What do they say, something like we only wear 20% of the clothes in our closet? That’s crazy. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers, Deborah

  2. You got your hair done. It looks cute!! I love the relaxed and comfortable-looking clothes and shoes on you. Great colors too.

  3. Great post and a reminder on how to shop and purchase items that you will wear. I enjoyed seeing some of your everyday looks :)

  4. I have a lot of things in my closet that I hardly ever wear, even though I like them! I will have to make some new outfits. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I LOVE those jeans, and I think they look great on you. I understand, though, that if you aren’t comfortable in them, there’s no reason to keep them.

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